SEO for affiliate blogs: the 3 mistakes you should never make!

SEO per affiliate blog: i 3 errori da non fare mai!

What are the mistakes you should never make when working with SEO for affiliate blogs? Here they are!

Dedicate yourself to SEO it is essential for anyone who wants to grow an internet business. Even those who are starting out in the blogging sector and want to try to increase their business should never neglect some essential aspects, concerning how to make money through the network.

Many are dedicated toaffiliate marketingwhich is an excellent business that should never be underestimated, especially if you want to have optimal results from a digital marketing activity.

For the uninitiated, in this business model an advertiser pays when a result is generated from a certain affiliate program, taking into account the objectives that are previously established and which may concern, for example, the sale of a certain product.

But what are the best strategies and the mistakes not to commit, if you want to continue in the best way in an activity of this type?

SEO for affiliate blogs: the 3 mistakes you should never make!

SEO: the 3 mistakes you should never make with an affiliate blog

Those who have worked in affiliate marketing for a long time know very well that there are some mistakes (sometimes even naive ones) that you should always try to avoid. In fact, the staff of the Seo & site has analyzed hundreds of affiliate sites, and has drawn up the list of the worst 3 mistakes that are systematically committed by those who enter the affiliate business developed with SEO.

These are actions that could lead to negative aspects, sometimes even difficult to solve, especially as regards the “trust” that search engines could associate (or not) towards a particular site or blog, which wants to monetize even with affiliations.

So let’s see what the three worst mistakes which we should never take if we decide to start this very fascinating path, but which should always be followed with great attention.

SEO for affiliate blogs: the 3 mistakes you should never make!

Only publish articles with affiliate links

Doing SEO means first of all dedicating yourself to a project with great care. It is unthinkable to be able to create a winning online business, without paying the right attention to satisfying the requests of users who visit a blog.

This is a concept that is also valid in the case of an affiliate blog, indeed it is one of the fundamental concepts in these situations. In fact, you should always avoid publishing exclusively sales articles, and content that contain affiliate links.

It would be essential, in order to improve the quality of the work done with a website, to periodically publish some in-depth articlesas the portal has been doing for years with great success, which can give more information about some aspects of the topic we have decided to deal with, without trying to reach a second goal, that is to obtain a sales commission.

It is certainly a way to get closer to users, who may have one more reason to visit the blog. But at the same time it is an excellent way to respect the principles of the most appropriate SEO techniques, considering that quality and in-depth content is also seen positively by search engines, starting with Google.

SEO for affiliate blogs: the 3 mistakes you should never make!

Focus only on high traffic keywords

Another aspect that those who have an affiliate blog must consider, in the context of the most appropriate SEO techniques to exploit, is the possibility of focusing on some keywords that could be considered more useful in driving traffic to the blog.

This means not to choose exclusively of high traffic keywords, hoping to increase the number of visitors who will arrive on the site, thus imagining to convert more through the sales of potential users interested in the suggested products. Indeed, it is a real one mistake not to commit.

To generate better conversions, and to be able to count on navigation by users who are truly interested in the products that are recommended on a website, it would be more appropriate to contact the long tail keywordwhich are those longer sentences, made up of several words.

We are talking about the long tail SEO technique. Specifically, it is a way to generate traffic that has a higher value.

This is because it has been statistically proven that more specific keywords (long tail) have a much higher conversion rate than more generic ones, which on the other hand have a higher traffic volume.

Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the reference sector and evaluate the use of terms that are composed of three words or more.

In this case we will be in the presence of search phrases that have a lower volume, but at the same time the value of the competition will also be lower. In addition, these are words that can have a higher conversion rate, if we make the comparison with short tail words.

SEO for affiliate blogs: the 3 mistakes you should never make!

Publish mainly self-generated content

The third mistake that, from an SEO point of view, those who deal with affiliate marketing with a blog should never make, is the one that concerns the publication of greater than self-generated content. Often we have to deal with websites that make automatic content available to users, which are generated through specific tools.

Again this is an incredibly fatal mistake to never make, because all work should always be based on unique and original contenta fundamental step to concretely favor the positioning on search engines.

It is always essential to create excellent content, not copying from other sites, using images and videos when possible, developing correct formatting, also avoiding long paragraphs, which could discourage reading.

SEO for affiliate blogs: the 3 mistakes you should never make!


Ultimately what matters is always the opportunity to provide quality and value with what you publish in a blog. Affiliate blogs must also always be seen as gods websites useful to users who visit them. What should distinguish the work of those who deal with affiliate marketing is the possibility of helping the public to solve problems or find answers to some very specific questions.

We must always think that internet users, when they visit a blog, they do it because have a need, because they are looking for specific advice, for example because they want to make a purchase and do not know in detail which product to choose. This means that first of all, with the contents that are made available, one must always try to help the users of the network. Only at a later stage should we think about the possibility of generating conversions starting from those contents.

This is the secret of the success of a blog that also deals with affiliations. And it’s not just a success from the point of view of the trust that users will have in the blog itself. In fact, it is also an important possibility from the SEO point of view, because only in this way will search engines, such as Google, be able to make the site the value it really owns.