Street Fighter: Capcom changes license agreements for eSports tournaments

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Capcom made changes to licensing agreements for Street Fighter V for eSports tournaments following some community protests

The publisher first published its licensing rules eSports per i Street Fighter 5 tournaments at the end of February, in an effort to speed up the process of involving tournament organizers when they plan to organize new events.

The license agreement is designed to provide a set of criteria which, if met, would allow tournaments to use the official Street Fighter 5 logos and artwork and stream the event on Twitch without having to explicitly ask permission. Capcom. Let’s see all the details about it in the next lines of this article.

Street Fighter: Capcom’s clear turnaround on the license for Street Fighter 5 eSports tournaments

Despite Capcom’s attempt to accommodate the community for licensing agreements tournaments and the events of Street Fighter 5fans of the component eSports of the game complained that the criteria were still too strict, forcing Capcom to make changes to everything.

  • In a new update on its website, the Japanese giant admits: “We recognize that we could have handled the situation better. As a result, several changes were made to the events, including:
  • An increased prize pool limit (from $ 2000 to $ 10,000 per event)
  • Removed the annual prize pool limit of $ 10,000 per event
  • Sponsorship limit increased (from $ 5,000 to $ 6,000 per single event)
  • Sponsorship limit increased (from 20,000 to 30,000 per year)
  • View tax restrictions changed
  • Changed restrictions on for bars and venues

Street Fighter: Capcom changes license agreements for eSports tournaments

The original February licensing agreement stated that it was mandatory: “Grant Capcom a license not exclusive, irrevocable and royalty-free to use, distribute and stream tournament matches and any creative work derived from tournament gameplay for promotional purposes “.

Now that’s all changed to: “Capcom may contact you to get your permission to include brief excerpts from the event on Capcom’s official website and social media channels to promote the game and Capcom.”

Explaining the decision to change the license agreementthe company stated the following:

Our goal was to clarify the requirements and make approvals for a free license much more affordable. When [gli organizzatori di tornei] have contacted the Capcom USA and Capcom Europe teams to organize community events with Street Fighter V: Champion Edition in the past, the approval process has been prohibitive. This is something we want to change so that we do [gli organizzatori di tornei] have more time to focus on delivering big events and not on approval requests. We want to thank our fans for the feedback we received after the first version of the deal went live. We listen to you. Honoring the core tradition of the Street Fighter community is incredibly important to us. To that end, we’ve updated the Street Fighter V Community License Agreement, taking into account the feedback we’ve received from the community, while maintaining our original goal of providing a free license.

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