SEO positioning: the best strategies to use

To get a good SEO ranking there are various strategies that must be applied. Let’s find out what they are in detail

A company that also operates online cannot fail to take into account the principles ofSEO optimization. It is all that set of techniques that has as its main purpose the possibility of increasing the visibility of a site. All using those strategies to ensure that web pages are displayed among the first search results returned by Google. SEO is an acronym that means search engine optimization, which literally translated means search engine optimization. To work according to the principles of SEO you really need to take into account many factors. This is why it is advisable to often rely on experts.

The SEO on page

To get a good SEO ranking there are various strategies that must be applied. First and foremost the goal is to work on the side on page, that is to say the optimization put into practice within the pages of a site.

From this point of view we must start from the choice of keywords. This is an essential step, because it is a matter of choosing the best keywords to use and around which to build the content for the site.

To get a good ranking on Google it would be advisable to avoid too generic keywords. These can have a high search volume, but it must be considered that there is a lot of competition around them. Better to choose more limited keywords, more specific, with less search volume and with less competition. It is these that often have a best conversion rate.

Then there are some elements to take care of in the construction of content on a site, such as the insertion of the meta description, which must be very clear, but at the same time capable of attracting attention. Some care is also required in the creation of titles and subtitles, those that in technical jargon are called H1, H2 and H3.

Search engines prefer original content that are useful and naturally contain keywords. In short, it should be about quality content.

La SEO off page

A good positioning of a site is also favored by those strategies that fall within the SEO off page. In particular we must refer to the incoming links. Google usually considers it a good factor that a site is linked from authoritative sources.

Indeed the fact that web pages receive gods inbound link it is certainly an important element. But it’s not just about quantity. Above all, search engines take into consideration the authority of the pages from which the links themselves come.

Link building and link earning practices fall within this context. Specifically, this second expression refers to the fact that the links arrive spontaneously and therefore Google holds them in high regard, because they do not bring penalties.

To be able to obtain natural links that are appreciable in the eyes of search engines, you need to work a lot on content quality. In fact, it is only in this way that, having particularly significant content, other sites are more easily willing to link to the same web pages.

SEO is therefore extremely important to ensure that those who work on the net receive the right awards, having more opportunities to be traceable and visible. This especially for a company or a professional means having more chances to increase their business of reference.

This is why it is good to rely, when you do not have the right skills, to true web professionals, who know how to work in a profound way to structure SEO optimization, taking into account specific goals to achieve in making a site appreciated by search engines and in particular to make it more appreciable in the eyes of Google, which is the most used search engine.