Separation: here is the new film by William Brent Bell

Separation: here is the new film by William Brent Bell

Horror director William Brent Bell returns to theaters with the disturbing new film Separation

American William Brent Bell, before Separation, was already known to the public and critics for films such as Stay Alive, The other face of the devil, The metamorphosis of evil and the two The Boy which divided the views of viewers.

Separation: This is the plot of William Brent Bell’s new film

In the cast we therefore find the very young Violet McGraw as the protagonist Jenny from the film along with Mamie Gummer (Mother), Rupert Friend (the artist father), Brian Cox (the grandfather) and Madeline Brewer (the babysitter).

The cast is then joined by some creepy puppets, called Grisly Kin, which represent the escape from reality by the child. Not to mention the fact that these puppets are also a way to resist the hours of solitude and tend to take up more and more space in his bedroom. That said, let’s now see the plot and the trailer of this new horror movie.

The little Jenny he is always in the midst of the quarrels of his two parents and, to cope with this difficult situation, he takes refuge in his room surrounded by puppets and his imagination. Unfortunately, the mother dies in a car accident and it is the grandfather who asks for custody of his granddaughter helped by a babysitter. Unfortunately Little Jenny’s puppets mysteriously come to life and, after the initial disbelief on the part of all the adults on stage, it will be obvious that everyone’s lives are in danger. Will they survive?

To find out we will have to wait a little longer, the film will be released in America on April 30th, but for the moment we advise you to stay with us on to be always updated on all the upcoming films, retrospectives and TV series of the moment.

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