Serie A arrives on Snapchat with its own official account: a new way to involve fans

La Serie A arriva su Snapchat con il proprio account ufficiale thumbnail

Disembark on Snapchat the official account of the “Serie A”, which adds a new element of prestige to Lega Serie A’s digital and social media offering. This collaboration will produce unique content and creation tools for the platform, including augmented reality, Lenses and Bitmoji that users will be able to include in their daily communications. A new way of involving fans will be born, especially among the younger ones, who will have access to exclusive features.

Serie A on Snapchat, the engagement of influencers from all over the world

The Serie A Snapchat account will initially be in English and Arabic and will involve immediately influencer from all over the world, targeting in particular the countries where the platform is most popular. This collaboration will increase the number of Serie A fans, who will be able to tap into 20 official accounts in eight different languages, which will create personalized content for each region, created by the league’s media company.

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A word from Luigi De Siervo, CEO of Lega Serie A

Luigi De Siervo, CEO of Lega Serie A, explains: “With the launch of the Serie A profile on Snapchat, we are expanding our multimedia offer with the aim of increasing the number of Serie A fans. The Serie A account will allow us to focus on two important areas such as the USA and MENA, where the platform is particularly widespread and used.”

L’opinione di Alejandro Arenas, Snap Inc. International Sports Partnerships.

“We are thrilled to partner with Serie A, one of the top sports leagues in the world, and to be able to deliver premium football content to our 750 million monthly Snapchatters. We look forward to seeing millions of fans become passionate about Italian football and to be able to help Casa del Calcio expand with the new generation of fans thanks to Snap“, he added Alejandro Arenas, Snap Inc. International Sports Partnerships.