Partite Serie A con IPTV gratis: tutti i rischi

Serie A matches with free IPTV: all the risks

In this article, let’s find out why you shouldn’t consider following Serie A matches via IPTV: from legal disputes to the security of your data

Watching Serie A matches streaming for free via IPTV is not an option that should be taken into consideration. In fact, it must be specified from the outset that this is a truly illicit activity, which can result in particularly heavy sanctions, defined by the laws in force in Italy. Furthermore, using unauthorized IPTV services not only breaks the law, but can also expose you to various cybersecurity dangers, including the possibility of contaminating your devices with viruses and malware. So let’s try to understand what risks are run if the so-called piece is exploited.

Heavy fines and penalties

The use of pirated IPTV services is an activity that involves considerable risks. These services, according to the provisions of the new anti-pecker law, are illegal and can lead to particularly severe sanctions. Italian laws are clear and leave no room for interpretation: those who choose to turn to such services expose themselves to heavy fines and penalties, which they can reach up to 5,000 euros and 3 years of imprisonment.

Today the risk of being “pinched” is more alive than ever. The authorities now adopt IT systems that can easily and quickly trace the IP addresses of viewers of illegal IPTVs, and this applies both to Serie A matches and to other content broadcast in streaming. As far as matches in the Italian top flight are concerned, the only content that can be used for free are the goals and the summaries at the end of the matches.

Based on the information seen so far, sanctions such as arrests and fines are enough to act as a powerful deterrent against viewing illegal content broadcast by the piece. There is a risk, in other words, of ruining your life simply to watch a game without spending money.

Financing of illegal activities

Those who use the services of illegal IPTVs become in some way active accomplices of the activities that manage these businesses. Specifically, using the piece, the criminal networks responsible for other very serious crimes are financed, from prostitution to drug dealing. Giving up this temptation, therefore, means not only avoiding rewarding these networks, but siding alongside the authorities to prevent their proliferation, and to deal a serious blow to organized crime.

The risks associated with the security of your data

Illegal IPTV services often require access to sensitive user data in order to function. These can include personal details such as name, email address and even financial information, like credit card numbers. The use of these platforms, therefore, produces enormous risks in terms of privacy violations, identity theft and financial fraud.

As far as computer security is concerned, those who use the piece also run the risk of be targeted by phishing attacks. Not to mention the viruses and malware that could infect the computer, smartphone or smart television used to watch Serie A matches for free. In other words, we are talking about further dangers that make the use of illegal streaming services absolutely inappropriate.

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