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Euphoria: the third season will arrive in 2025

It seems that we will have to wait a little longer for the return of the series with Zendaya: the third season of Euphoria will arrive in 2025

The president of HBO, Casey Bloys, confirmed during the presentation evening of the new upcoming series arriving in 2024 on Max (formerly HBO Max) than the third season of Euphoria it won’t be released before 2025. Filming should have started last February, but due to an initial postponement and then the actors’ and dubbers’ strike, the work was postponed to early 2024 (along with the second season of The Last Of Us).

Euphoria: the third season will arrive in 2025

Fans will have to wait until 2025 for the third season of Euphoria

Euphoria is a drama TV series set in the fictional city of East Highland, in California. It follows a 17-year-old drug addict named Rue Bennet, played by Zendaya, and a group of high schoolers caught up in stories of love, loss, addiction and violence. The series debuted in 2019 on HBO, attracting millions of viewers and becoming the biggest hit since Game Of Thronesthis was before the release of House Of The Dragon e The Last Of Us. The third season was supposed to be released in 2024, but due to postponements and the strike it was postponed to 2025.

We still don’t know anything about the third season of Euphoria, except for the cast characters who will return. Zendaya will return, as expected, but two characters will be missing in the third season due to some problems related to the actors. From the end of the second season, in fact, Euphoria will have to do without two main characters: Katherine “Kat” Hernandez and Fezco “Fez” O’Neil. The former will not return due to the actress’ decision Ironworks Barbie, a choice made following some problems with the director. The second, however, will not be part of the third season due to the death of his interpreter Angus Cloud, who died last July due to an overdose. We invite you to follow us on for further updates, but for now the third season of Euphoria will arrive in 2025.

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