Severed Steel: PC release date revealed

Severed Steel, the first-person shooter developed by Greylock Studio and published by Digerati, has revealed the release date on PC

There is a release date for the PC version of Severed Steel, the first person shooter developed by Greylock Studio, for which the title represents the first attempt to make a professional video game. It is expected that the title will also be made available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Nintendo Switch again during 2021, but at the moment the developer has not been able to provide a date.

Severed Steel: here is the release date of the PC version

The exit date of the PC version of Severed Steel has been set for the next one September 17; this means that it will be possible to play it in less than a month. The title will be distributed through Steam and Epic Games Store, while a physical release is not planned for the moment. Also via Steam, you can access one demo of the game, useful to get an idea of ​​its characteristics. Our avatar in Severed Steel is Steel, a deadly one-armed gunfighter. Its dynamic fighting style, characterized by constant movement and the use of the environment to move and hide, defines the gameplay of the title, which is in fact very fast.

To enrich the game there is the fact that all the elements that make up the environment can be hit and destroyed; the use of a Dynamic AI then makes each battle unique. Finally, Severed Steel is equipped with a Level Editor, which allows you to create levels and share them with the community. However, the latter function will be perfected after launch,

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