Sex cams to revive the couple's relationship or stimulate new approaches

Let's discover together, in this dedicated article, how to revive a couple's relationship through the use of sex cams

Between dating apps, hot videos and couple sexting, it is sex cams that unleash the fantasies of those who rely on smartphones or PCs to go in search of pleasure. And virtual sex not only attracts young people, but also couples.

The growing success of virtual sex

The success of internet sex seems to have no limits. Over time, numerous apps have been added to the red light sites. The latter are seen by many as the ideal option for planning an extramarital encounter, or for attempting to approach a partner met exclusively via chat. Other applications allow you to send hot SMS and videos at any time of the day, including night. The data from the annual report of the Global Sex Survey, which investigated the sexual habits of 27 states, including Italy, are surprising. The research showed that in our peninsula 82% of people have tried sexting at least once, exchanging explicit photos and texts, or other forms of virtual sex. But it is cam sex, in particular, that attracts both men and women.

Technology responds to the desires of men and women of all ages

Thanks to sites like Cam4, even exponents of the female universe are able to access sex more easily, finding it easier to lose all inhibitory restraints, letting go and experimenting. The same thing can be said for younger people, especially for those who are still blocked by taboos in real life. By turning on a cam, seeking pleasure and quickly learning erotic practices becomes a highly stimulating game. And there is no risk of being judged, since everything takes place virtually. Freedom and awareness are two adjectives that can be perfectly combined with online tools. Speaking of boys, based on a survey conducted by the SIA (acronym for “Italian Society of Andrology”), 1 in 3 boys in Italy are used to having virtual sex.

What is sexting

If until some time ago the term “sexting” was unknown to most, today things have definitely changed. This practice has spread rapidly among Internet users interested in online sex. The exchange of erotic content through messages, images, photos, voice or videos has now become a habit for many. And if some limit themselves to showing parts of their body, or filming themselves naked, the number of those who allow themselves to be attracted by the cam while practicing sexual acts has increased.

Le Cam girl

The growth of virtual sex, and the desire to be seen on the internet, has led more and more girls and women to invest part of their time in a new “profession”, that of Cam girls. Although Cam Boys also exist (much rarer), those who supplement their salary or find a way to pay for their studies are housewives or students who have passed the age of 18. There are several online video chats available online ready to welcome them. All you need is to connect to one of the many websites that offer this service, register and start showing yourself, live or through recorded videos. What is needed? A webcam and a site that offers erotic chat. Obviously, you can cover your face with a mask to protect your privacy; and not showing yourself completely makes everything even more intriguing, leaving room for the imagination. Cam Girls, in addition to dressing provocatively and undressing, usually seduce the viewer with seductive dances.

Singles and couples discovering sex online

Those who take advantage of sex via cam are those who want to live freely in a virtual environment the erotic fantasies that have remained in the desire drawer for too long. Sex Cam enthusiasts also include more or less “stable” couples who, for various reasons, do not have the opportunity to see each other frequently. There are not even a few spouses who resort to virtual sex to give that extra pinch of spiciness to the relationship, perhaps by sending short erotic videos to each other over the course of the day. Obviously, people who wish to interact remotely with strangers or, in any case, with partners previously “intercepted” on dating apps or social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, also seize this opportunity.

There is no doubt that the so-called Sex Cam has opened new avenues for sex enthusiasts. But those approaching virtual sex for the first time should prefer a small-step approach, making sure that the experience is pleasant first and foremost for themselves. If the goal is to show one's nakedness, it is better to achieve it gradually. In the end, both the person who proposes and the person intent on getting excited by watching will be satisfied.