Shadow Warrior 3: a trailer announces the postponement of the release date

Shadow Warrior 3, the third installment of the exaggerated sliced-all FPS series, is still without a release date, and a further postponement has been revealed through a dedicated trailer.

Shadow Warrior is a particular game: possessing the shooter mechanics that we are now used to seeing with titles like DOOM and Serious Sam, the title we are talking about takes place in Japan, and is structured by a spirit deliberately goliardic, which grants the player the chance to feel invincible through martial arts moves, power ups, stunts, katana slashes and quotes to Asian films most popular. All these elements and much more would have reappeared in Shadow Warrior 3, but the development studio has recently announced a postponement of the release date of the new chapter, even dedicating a trailer to it.

Shadow Warrior 3: the trailer with the postponement of the release date

Prior to this trailer, there were other occasions when Shadow Warrior 3 had to undergo a date postponement, again motivated by Devolver as a necessary action to bring the game a satisfactory quality for the development team. The first time was in July, with the Flying Wild Hog studio which, after showing at the E3 conference of Devolver Digital Shadow Warrior 3, then ensured the arrival of the title during 2021, also indicating August as the period in which it would be released. However, it is clear that this has never happened again, and the development house has maintained an almost deafening social silence for a good chunk of time.

Now, a small update on the state of play by Devolver Digital, who wrote that the new chapter needs “a little more time to sharpen its blades“, Confirming the postponement of the release date at the beginning of 2022. We will therefore have to wait several months to be able to play again in the role of Lo Wang, who this time will lead us in the hunt for a ancient dragon, escaped from his eternal captivity. Shadow Warrior 3 will offer levels no longer randomly generated, but created by hand, including among the various novelties also vertical movements, practicable with the running on the walls and the grappling hook. The game is scheduled for release on Xbox One, Ps4 and PC.

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