Shadow Warrior 3: available from day one on PS Now!

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Shadow Warrior 3, the latest Devolver Digital effort, will be available from day one on PS Now. Let’s find out all the details in this news

March 1st is upon us and, together with it, the release on the gaming market of the latest Devolver Digital effort: Shadow Warrior 3 is upon us. Third chapter of an absolutely crazy saga and that, in the vast space occupied by fps and , in general, from the shooters, she has managed to carve out a niche of loyal fans. This third title seems to offer that extra something to the entire brand, able to bring even the newbies. Newbies who, as well as longtime fans, will be able to play Shadow Warrior 3, since day one, also via PS Now.

Shadow Warrior 3 su PS Now dal day one!

Shadow Warrior 3, therefore, as already mentioned above, will be available from day one on PS Now. An interesting move by Sony and Devolver Digital that can mean several things. On the one hand, of course, there is the willingness of the publisher and the development team to expand the scope of the game’s release, thus taking advantage of the subscription to the service offered by PlayStation. On the other hand, Sony could, through this move, begin to explore the possibility of bringing its streaming service (and not only) closer to the Game Pass.

In the latest trailer released, Shadow Warrior 3 has shown itself with a long gameplay and with a series of clarifications related to certain details and news in the game. The month of March will be very hot in terms of releases. Ghostwire Tokyo, Gran Turismo, Kirby and the Forgotten Land are some of the upcoming titles, to which, of course, should also be added Shadow Warrior 3. Let us know, with a commentwhat do you think of this news and if you are in hype for this title.

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