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Shark Stratos review: cordless vacuum cleaner with Pet Kit

In this article we will see the review of Shark Stratos: cordless vacuum cleaner with Pet Kit, double battery and a series of peculiarities that make it truly amazing

The Shark Stratos vacuum cleaner is a wireless model equipped with double batterywhich means you can use it for longer periods of time without having to interrupt work for recharging.

One of its peculiarities is the hosewhich allows you to easily reach the corners more difficult to cleanwhile the pet kit is a useful accessory for collecting pet hair from carpets and furniture.

In general, the Shark Stratos is a vacuum cleaner powerful and versatile, ideal for deep house cleaning.

Obviously we have tested this Shark Stratos in different situations and after a couple of weeks in his company we are ready to dissect strengths and weaknesses of this cordless vacuum cleaner.

Packaging e design | Recensione Shark Stratos

The Shark Stratos vacuum cleaner seems to be designed with looks modern and minimalist. The packaging should present clear and detailed images of the vacuum cleaner, with information on the features and functions included.

As for the design, the vacuum cleaner seems to be cordlesswith the possibility of separating the motor from the extension tube and brushes, which makes it convenient to use and store.

Color dark gray and the transparent tank for the powder they suggest an aspect modern and sophisticated.

In general, the design of the packaging and the Shark Stratos vacuum cleaner seems to be oriented towards the functionality and elegancewith the aim of providing an effective and at the same time aesthetically pleasing home cleaning solution.

Nothing is really missing inside the package. In addition of course to our Shark Stratos we find a series of very complete accessories.

Here is a complete list of package contents:

  • Shark Stratos vacuum cleaner
  • Pet motorized accessory
  • 30 cm spear accessory
  • Multi-surface tool
  • Anti-allergen brush
  • Lithium ion batteries
  • Double charging base
  • Bag for accessories

Usage and Performance | Shark Stratos Review

After using the cordless vacuum cleaner for about two weeks, we are ready to share our impressions.

We have examined the suction power not only on ceramic surfaces, but also on fabrics such as carpets, sofas and armchairs, in order to offer a complete evaluation of the product.

Let’s talk about autonomy and use

The vacuum cleaner Shark Stratos it is a model wireless Very handy e easy to useideal for reaching hard-to-clean spots such as under beds or sofas thanks to the possibility of bend the tube.

Also, thanks to the presence of two lithium batteriesthe vacuum cleaner offers greater autonomy than traditional models.

The suction power is good and can be adjusted to three different levels (eco, automatic e maximum power). With the double battery you reach a possibility of use equal to approximately 120 minutes.

In particular, the automatic level uses an intelligent IQ system to automatically set the most suitable suction power for cleaning needs. However, the maximum level can turn out quite noisy.

In general, the vacuum cleaner Shark Stratos represents an ideal choice for those looking for a cordless model that is easy to handle and has good suction power.

The model of cordless vacuum cleaner Shark Stratos it has proved to be an excellent choice for cleaning all surfaces in our home, including carpets.

The central brush with DuoClean double roller and PowerFins Plus it was particularly effective in sucking up hair and hair, guaranteeing impeccable results.

Furthermore, theantigrovigli Anti Hair Wrap it made it possible to easily remove hair and hair from the brush during cleaning, without having to interrupt our cleanings for a demanding period of time.

Overall, the Shark Stratos it turned out to be a reliable ally in cleaning our home, ensuring superior performance and greater convenience thanks to its cordless nature.

Also the possibility of bend the central tube it allows us to significantly reduce the space occupied of the vacuum cleaner when we are not using it since it literally folds on itself.

Shark Stratos review: cordless vacuum cleaner with Pet Kit

Who should buy this Shark Stratos?

In conclusion, the Shark Stratos is a vacuum cleaner that knows its stuff. Of course the price is not the most accessible but as often happens for this type of appliances, the discounts are not longed for. The level of comfort during cleaning is really highthe possibility of bending the tube and being able to reach almost every corner of the house without bending down is priceless.

The IQ self power management system works great and the brushes are well designed to provide a good cleaning system that is also easy to handle for any tangles.

The power levels are well balanced even if we practically never needed to manage them. Obviously everything was possible thanks to the system Clean Sense IQ which works really well.

The only flaw, if it can be considered as suchlies in the sometimes excessive noise of the vacuum cleaner when it works at maximum power.

In a nutshell, net of a few small flaws, this Shark Stratos is one of the best vacuum cleaners on the market.

Powerful, comfortable, technological

Plus points

  • The level of comfort during cleaning is very high thanks to the flexibility of the hose which allows you to easily reach even the most difficult corners.
  • The IQ power self-management system is highly effective, simplifying the use of the vacuum cleaner and ensuring optimal cleaning.
  • The brushes are carefully designed, providing a smooth cleaning experience and preventing any tangling issues.

Points against

  • The price of the vacuum cleaner is not the most accessible, however it is possible to take advantage of frequent discounts for this type of product.
  • The noise of the vacuum cleaner can be excessive when using maximum power.
  • It is not possible to manually adjust the power levels, even if they are adequately balanced.
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