Sharp at IFA 2023 launches new audio, e-mobility and SAS products

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Celebrating its “111 years of global innovation and transformation”, Sharp Consumer Electronics participate in IFA 2023 showcasing exciting innovations and new product categories.

IFA 2023, Sharp’s innovations: air fryers and wireless stick vacuum cleaners

Sharp Consumer Electronicsone of the world’s leading technology companies, expands its Small Appliance Systems (SAS) business unit with two new product categories presented at IFA 2023. With the new wireless stick vacuum cleaners and high-quality air fryers, Sharp enriches its complete portfolio of high-end home appliances.

Effortless cooking with Sharp air fryers

Thanks to efficient technology, the friggitrici ad aria Sharp make it quick and easy to prepare crunchy and delicious food with up to 90% less fat compared to traditional fryers: an exciting experience for anyone who wants to enjoy their favorite dishes in a healthier way. They are fast and economical, able to provide excellent results in the shortest possible time and with lower energy consumption than a traditional oven.

What makes Sharp air fryers special? The answer lies in their sophistication hot air circulation. This technology disperses heat proportionally around the food and at high speeds, up to 2,500 rpm, cooking it evenly on all sides: crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Whether you’re cooking, frying, roasting or dehydrating, Sharp air fryers make cooking a breeze.

Fewer wires, more freedom: here is the Sharp stick vacuum cleaner

I new cordless stick vacuum cleaners from Sharp they are the result of years of research and development to meet the needs and demands of consumers. There serie Power Duo It has been designed to optimize your cleaning experience and effectively declutter your home without blockages or tangled cords.

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The devices have a range of up to 50 minutes, depending on the model; however, battery life can be doubled thanks to the system Duo Battery. Users can move effortlessly around the house without worrying about outlets or cables. The ingenious stand-up mechanism allows you to stand upright in the room during the cleaning process, without having to put down or place the device anywhere.

Pprices and availability

Sharp air fryers will be available in Q4 2023 in 4-litre (AF-GS404A) sizes for €89.99 and 5.5-litre (GS-552A) sizes for €139.99.

IFA 2023, Sharp’s innovations: the new Milano e-bikes by Sharp

The Milano hybrid e-bike from Sharp it is a sustainable and comfortable means of transport. Electric powered bicycles not only help users to travel safely and comfortably, but also contribute to building a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Sharp’s Milano e-bike is equipped with a powerful 250W electric motor which allows for effortless acceleration and a maximum assisted speed up to 25 km/h. Thanks to the five levels of assistance, cyclists can adapt the experience to their needs.

Prices and availability

Sharp’s Milano e-bike will be available from Q4/2023 in matte black (BK-RS08EB), with an MSRP of €2,499, and shiny silver (BK-RS08ES), with an MSRP of €2,599.

IFA 2023, Sharp’s innovations: the new SumoBox Pro

Sharp SumoBox Pro delivers up to 108 dB of pure sonic pleasure thanks to its powerful 200 W RMS stereo speaker system, with 2 x 10-inch woofers and 2 x 3-inch tweeters that emit rhythms like a real sumo wrestler. The SumoBox Pro’s wooden frame provides reliable acoustics, and the angled design ensures optimal sound dispersion.

The drums Li-ion battery, removable and rechargeable, guarantees up to 8 hours of playback and can be replaced with another battery in seconds, avoiding interruption of playback. Alternatively, the SumoBox Pro can be plugged into a power outlet to turn on and charge the battery at the same time. The speaker can also be controlled from anywhere in the room via the SharpLife app, adding to its incredible versatility.

Price and availability

SumoBox Pro (CP-LS200) will be available in Q4 2023 at a recommended price of €399.

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