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Generation Z and the web: a new way to access digital

a web that is changing, to look more and more like its users. A world that is changing to become Gen Z-friendly

They call them Gen Z, Zoomers or Post Millennials. Others iGen, still others Centennials, yet it would be enough to say that they were born between 1995 and 2010. A new generation, that of digital natives, boys and girls who immediately had to deal with the internet, with the web, with digital .

The imperative of multi-channel strategies

And it is precisely with them that the use and above all access to the world of the web is changing. A change through which understanding the success or otherwise of companies and brands passes. Because understanding how today’s young people access the internet and digital products means creating targeted and personalized offers, capable of reaching the centre. The latest market research, for example, has demonstrated a particular propensity of Gen Z for shopping in physical stores, accompanied by their natural harmony with the world of e-commerce. It will be essential, as stated on Ansa, to offer “multichannel” solutions, capable of integrating both the traditional offline perspective and the online one.

The attraction of millennials for gamification

Another marketing trend particularly appreciated by Millennials is the one that looks at gamification, or rather the application of typically playful mechanisms and functions in contexts that in reality are not. So let’s talk about collecting points, rewards, rankings, badges that can be obtained once the purchases are completed. Or prizes and concessions introduced by the gambling sector. Online casinos that offer bonuses on registration have seen the share of under-35 users grow dramatically, confirming a particular predilection of this group for innovative and personalized digital and marketing tools.

Gen Z and the fascination of the future

But speaking of access to the web by Gen Z also means looking at the developments of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. What seems to us today to be science fiction, niche and for the few, will instead be the norm in the future. We think in particular of motion sensors, viewers that offer immersive digital experiences, technologies that in short allow a leap into an innovative, digital world. Without forgetting, then, that this is the generation of rapidity, of speed, also and above all on the web. This is why Instagram Reels or TikTok videos have become so popular in recent times. This is why streaming content is depopulating, to the point that an entirely dedicated social network was born, Twitch.

It is a web that is changing, in short, to look more and more like its users. A world that is changing to become Gen Z-friendly.