Sharper: the trailer of the new film with Sebastian Stan is out

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Sharper: the official trailer of the new film with Sebastian Stan as the protagonist, where he plays a con man, is out

You got it right, dear readers: a new film starring the famous actor is on the way Sebastian Stan. This time he will play the role of a con man, in fact already in the official trailer, which was released today, Stan is preparing to deceive a billionaire.

The film is labeled Apple Original and also sees in the cast an amazing one Julianne Moore.

We are sure that Sharper will capture your attention. As we anticipated, the project is branded Apple Original Films and the cast is exquisitely Hollywood, led by an impeccable Sebastian Stan.

Stan is best known for his role in the universe franchise Marvel in which he plays Winter Soldier. In the film, however, Sharper plays the role of a clever man willing to swindle a billionaire for revenge. Also in the cast is Julianne Moore, who plays a shrewd and wealthy woman and the mother of Sebastian Stan’s character. Although they are very similar to each other, they will end up facing each other in a power play that could prove dangerous.

But no more talk, we put the trailer below so that you can enjoy it!

Sharper: a psychological thriller full of intrigue in the trailer

Set in New York, the film shows that not all that glitters is gold. Appearances can be deceiving and it is a trait that unites most members of the protagonist family. Following a well-defined scheme whose focus is a game of power, each character has a goal to achieve that points to money. In particular, mother and son seem to have the same ambition. At the moment Apple TV + has revealed very little of the plot, but from the trailer we can understand that Max, the character played by Sebastian Stan, wants to take revenge on his family and pull off a billionaire heist. Her mother, played by Julienne Moore, in turn is an expert con artist who moves in the circles of lustful Manhattan and in fact has a particularly rich new partner (not to mention a millionaire).

Yet mother and son do not seem to act on the same wavelength. On the contrary, Max intends to defraud his mother with a cunning plan. With the support of a flame from him, he will arrange to seduce and frame the son of his mother’s current billionaire partner. In a long play of power, lust, revenge and jealousy, Sharper is shaping up to be a gripping neo-noir thriller. The cast is enriched with interesting names such as Justice Smith, Darren Goldstein, Briana Middleton e John Lithgow.

We remind you that the film will arrive in streaming on Apple TV + starting from February 17, 2023.

We look forward to the release date to see this brand new and promising thriller! As always, we will keep you updated on all the news and you, in the meantime, don’t forget…stay tuned!

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