Shin Ultraman: here is the trailer of the highly anticipated Japanese film

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The myth of Ultraman is ready to relive: on May 13th Shin Ultraman will be released in Japanese cinemas. Meanwhile, let’s see the trailer

Many people, especially those hours later in age, will remember the famous character Ultraman, a real myth for generations of children and young people all over the world. Now, the iconic Japanese hero is ready to revive in Shin Ultraman, the live action film produced by the same team that made Shin Godzilla. The film will be released in Japanese cinemas on 13 maggio. Meanwhile, the official trailer has been released that teases something about the new Ultraman.

Shin Ultraman: everything you need to know about the film

May 13 is therefore the highly anticipated day of the release in Japan of Shin Ultraman, a film that gives the cinematic setting to one of the most beloved heroes of the small screen. The production of the film was entrusted to Toho Co., Khara Inc. and Tsuburaya Productions and the production team is the same as Shin Godzillacomposed by Hideaki Anno, creator of the Neon Genesis Evangelion saga, and by Shinji Higuchi, in charge of special effects.

Gigantic and unknown creatures that suddenly appeared bring disaster and destruction and the Japanese government decided to set up an emergency task force to find a solution, as conventional weapons have no effect against those monstrous creatures. To save the situation, however, comes a silver giantready to defend the earth from that terrible attack.

This is the synopsis of Shin Ultraman, who sees in the cast Takumi Saitoh in the role of the protagonist, while at his side there will be Masami Nagasawa, Hidetoshi Nishijima, Daiki Arioka, Akari Hayami and Tetsushi Tanaka. Waiting to finally be able to see the highly anticipated film, keep following our site for all the news on movies and TV series. Meanwhile, here is the trailer di Shin Ultraman:

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