Siemens presents the oven equipped with an internal camera

Siemens presenta un nuovo forno e discute del concetto di progresso thumbnail

In the midst of the Milanese design week, the German multinational Siemens recruited a couple of distinguished guests to promote his vision of the future, a vision that has to do with progress, with reinforced design and with ovens that send you messages with photos on your mobile phone.

Siemens, the weirdness of the hi-tech oven and anthropological research

The event was accompanied by the presence of Rossella Ferorelliurban designer working in the Milanese metropolis, and by the photographer and explorer Sebastian Copelandwho is probably making the tour of the pavilions, since he has also carved out an appearance for the event promoted by Audi.

The two respectively explored their own fields of expertise, talking about the urban planning possibilities of a city on a human scale and the importance of how our actions can reverberate even in the most remote places on Earth. In parallel, Siemens presented the results of a survey that reveals how war, pandemic and economic inequalities have altered the concept of “progress” of the citizens who populate some of the key markets for the company: Germany, China, the Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, Great Britain and the United States.

Then, almost without thematic continuity, Siemens presented its design choices that will soon lead to the adoption of an elegant line of household appliances which, in terms of features and colors, will reinforce the visual identity of the brand. Not only that, the event was also an opportunity to show the new oven iQ 700an appliance that is the pinnacle of the “smart kitchen” universe.

The tool can be programmed and managed via a smartphone app, but inside it even is equipped with a video camera which monitors the cooking of dishes in real time. As it was presented, the new Siemens oven should be able to recognize the degree of browning of the foods it contains, blocking the introduction of heat as soon as they reach the optimal degree of preparation. Then, if desired, it is also possible to forward social snapshots directly from the iQ 700, without even having to open the door of the appliance.

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