Microsoft says goodbye to HDD: deleted from Windows 11 boot drives

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Microsoft says goodbye to traditional HDD for Windows 11 boot drives. The company has decided to do away with them

The Microsoft (for more information click here) has decided to say goodbye to the traditional HDD for W boot drivesindows 11. A boot drive SSD the Windows 11 operating system will become mandatory. The change could take place next year. The release of Windows 11 caused a huge controversy due to the updated system requirements, with millions of computers seeming perfectly capable of running the operating system stuck receiving it. However, Microsoft appears to be doing it planning even more changes that could be received with mixed feelings from the users out there.

Microsoft greets the HDD; in its place an SSD for booting systems

The traditional HDD should no longer be used as a Windows 11 boot drive. This means having a SSD would become mandatory once this change comes into effect. The Redmond-based software giant hasn’t publicly announced this change. But John Chen, CEO of the company search on storage TRENDFOCUSsaid the change is already scheduled to take effect at some point in 2023 or 2024.

Microsoft says goodbye to HDD: deleted from Windows 11 boot drives

The idea of ​​Microsoft

Oddly enough, it appears Microsoft originally planned to render SSD required for Windows boot drives in 2022. Instead, the company decided to postpone the deadline due to a number of reasons, including shortages that are currently also affecting inventory of storage devices around the world. Chen told Tom’s Hardware that the date SSDs would become mandatory for Windows boot drives isn’t set in stone yet, but it should happen at some point. in 2023.

The original cut-in date based on our discussions with OEMs was supposed to be this year. Then it was moved to next year (the second half, I think, but the final date is not clear). OEMs are trying to negotiate some level of push out (transition to emerging markets in 2024 or desktop transition in 2024), but things are still evolving,

Chen said.

Microsoft hasn’t offered any statements on that front, so be it for now HDDs than SSDs can be used as a boot drive for Windows 11.

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