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Sifu: Coming to Xbox and PC in 2023

Do you like old-fashioned mashing? Well, then Sifu is the title for you and it’s coming to Xbox and PC next year

The title Sifu, developed by the French studio Sloclapis what fans of martial arts titles and movies have been waiting for some time now on another roundup of consoles. Well, the wait is almost over, just wait a few more months, but let’s go ahead with a bit of order!

Sifu: from the console with fury

This year’s title had already made its appearance on the main consoles of the market, such as PS4 and PS5 in February and Nintendo Switch in November, but it seems that there were some that were still missing. These are indeed Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC via Steam servicewas previously only present in the Epic Games store, but no problem because its arrival is scheduled for march 2023.

There will also be a new Arenas mode where players can earn more and more rewards as they take on horde upon horde of enemies with their abilities. As stated by the Sloclap team itself to IGN, this mode will also allow you to get new tricks and outfits for use in game. Not to mention the mosse alternative which will be included in the “dictionary” of traditional Kung Fu.

For further details we leave you the official post of the Sifu team above and we also remind you of the history in case you forgot. As in the old martial arts films, here the player will have to choose his own character and search around China for the five assassins who slaughtered his family. Will he be able to get his revenge?

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