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Signal asks for donations from users to support the service

Signal introduced a new function which allows app users to be able to make donations to the platform. This is an essential system to be able to guarantee the app, which makes the protection of privacy its strong point, so much so that it is also used by industry activists such as Edward Snowden, the possibility of making the service sustainable over time.

Signal asks users for donations in order not to include advertising and premium services

Donations can be an essential tool for ensure the correct functioning of Signal. The messaging application, in fact, has clarified that the possibility for users to make donations will make it possible to avoid the introduction of advertising or premium services in order to make the service sustainable in the long term. With a small donation, therefore, users will be able to support the correct functioning of the service which in the future can be enriched with new features.

Here’s how to donate

Signal users have the optionability to make donations in various ways. For example, it is possible to make one-time donations or set a fixed monthly fee to donate. Donations can be made through Google Pay and Apple Pay. At the moment, donations have been activated for the US market but are on the way for all users.

The app allows donations of $ 5, $ 10, or $ 20. Furthermore, by setting a periodic donation, the automatic renewal will be interrupted if the user uninstalls the app or if he does not use it for a month. We remind you that the application operation is guaranteed by the Signal Foundation.

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