PlayStation: PS Network vice president accused of pedophilia

Sony in the past few hours has fired the senior vice president of PlayStation Network, after a video has seen him accused of acts of pedophilia

A few days ago, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan was among the first to take a rather tough stance towards the events involving the videogame company Activision Blizzard, which found itself in a whirlwind of scandals due to the abuse and harassment reported by some employees. The PlayStation boss said he felt not only shocked and gravely concerned about the company’s internal situation, but also deeply discouraged for the way in which it would have dealt with the situation, not showing that it wanted to change more radically the culture of discrimination and harassment emerged in recent months. Now, however, the same situation could happen with PlayStation, given the recent accusations of pedophilia addressed to the vice president of PS Network.

The video accusing the vice president of PlayStation Network of pedophilia

In fact, it seems that scandals, this time regarding pedophilia, have also reached the door of the PlayStation itself, going to touch the position of a company executive, aka the vice president of PS Network. George Cacioppo, the protagonist of these accusations, had assumed that role in 2013. Now, he seems to have been caught red-handed by one of the members of the Canadian association “People Vs Predators”: this group aims to find and report the various crimes committed against children and minors, with the aim of restoring trust in the justice system and improving it, while at the same time keeping a community safe from abuse.

Through this video published by the association, you can see the same vice-president of PlayStation Network who is stopped by a member of People Vs Predators: the person who films the scene accuses him of having spoken consciously with a 15-year-old boy on Grindr, a dating app dedicated to the gay, bisexual and transgender community. The executive would share photos with the boy, trying to lure him by sending him his address in order to have sex with him.

The man, wearing a PlayStation 5 shirt, takes refuge from the camera by closing a door behind him. Shortly after the video was published, Sony confirmed Cacioppo’s dismissal on Cnet. Despite this, it is not yet known whether or not the American police have taken any measures in this regard. Meanwhile, a member of People Vs Predators on Kotaku motivated the spread of the video, saying that the police he wouldn’t work with “cyber groups” like them.

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