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Signal denies it was hacked

The Signal messaging app ensures that it has not suffered any hacker attacks – encrypted messages remain safe. And he thinks the fake news has been touted to convince users, especially those who contact relatives and friends in and around Ukraine, to use less secure alternatives.

Signal denies: no hacker attacks on the platform

The war that has broken out in Ukraine is also being fought online, as evidenced by the requests of all the parties involved in the technology companies. Spreading fake news can put people on the battlefield at risk. For this reason Signal wanted to make it clear that there was no hacker attack.

The messaging app, built with high levels of encryption and privacy, was not attacked. AND tweets: “We have had increased usage in Eastern Europe and rumors are circulating that Singal has been hacked and compromised. This is false. Signal was not hacked. We believe these rumors are part of a coordinated disinformation campaign to encourage the use of less safe alternatives ”.

Signal group calls

Another tweet explains: “We have seen these rumors appear in messages forwarded multiple times on several other applications. These rumors are often attributed to official government sources and read ‘attacks on the Signal platform’. This is false and Signal is not under attack ”.

Signal has seen the number of users using it especially in Ukraine and neighboring countries grow, due to the fear of being intercepted by Russian espionage. The app is available for Windows, macOS, Linux (based on Debian), Android and iOS. And it uses the Signal protocol to communicate, with end-to-end encryption and the ability to destroy messages after a certain amount of time.

Signal’s tweets imply that the Russian fake news apparatus wants to persuade to use less solid alternatives for hacker attacks or to intercept information that may have a strategic advantage.

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