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Proscenic P11 Smart review: the evolution of aspiration?

In this article we will see the review of the P11 Smart cordless vacuum cleaner. Technology is making great strides and aspiration is not far behind, in fact Proscenic has decided to flex its muscles by improving an already excellent product, will it have succeeded? Let’s find out in this review dedicated to P11 Smart

We learned about Proscenic thanks to several reviews. Taking a look at the past we find the excellent Proscenic P10 Pro a portable vacuum cleaner that has been able to win us over thanks to price and technical characteristics.

And if we wanted to take a look at other sectors we could mention the excellent Proscenic T21 or Proscenic T31 air fryers. In a nutshell, for us Proscenic is a brand that can satisfy and give security on many fronts.

Returning to ours Proscenic P11 Smart is good to know that it boasts a power of 30,000 Pa, a 450W motora series of well-stocked accessories and an 8-cell lithium-ion battery.

The business card looks very promising, but let’s see if it has really satisfied us!

Packaging and design | Proscenic P11 Smart Review

Inside the package we find a series of very well-stocked accessories. In fact, we find a complete package composed, in addition to the obvious vacuum cleaner, three brushes, a spout, an extension tube and a bracket with attached anchors for fixing that will act as a charging plate.

Obviously you can also decide to recharge the vacuum cleaner directly without the aid of this latter bracket but I don’t think it will be easy to give up this convenience.

As for the design, this model draws heavily on its predecessor, also tracing its colors. Although a vacuum cleaner is not exactly a piece of furniture, the thin and slender line, accompanied by tech elements make it pleasant to the eye and make it possible to easily leave it on display.

If, on the other hand, you decide to hide it behind a door, do not keep the clutter, thanks also to the brush that bends and follows the descending line of the vacuum cleaner, it will guarantee a minimum footprint.

Also nice display touch that we learned about thanks to the P10 Pro.

Usage and performance | Proscenic P11 Smart Review

We have been using this cordless vacuum cleaner for about a month and now we are ready to give our opinion.

To make a complete contribution to our tests, we tested the suction power on classic ceramic tiles but also on fabrics such as carpets, sofas and armchairs.

Let’s talk about autonomy

The automatic suction power is sufficient to do all the classic housekeeping but if it is not enough you can always touch the touch screen to increase the power. Unfortunately, the autonomy is not the best and by setting the aspiration at the highest levels it drops again and drastically.

In fact, we are talking about 60 minutes declared by the manufacturer which turned out to be about fifty in our practical tests. regarding the automatic function e approximately 15 minutes for use with the cleaning increment.

Even if it is difficult to resort to the potential plus one hour of autonomy is not enough in our opinion. Many times we have had to pause our cleaning and have to wait for the vacuum cleaner to finish its charging cycle.

Another flaw is the charging time which takes 2.5 hours per full battery charge.

The apartment where the tests were conducted is about a hundred square meters and is set on two levels. Net of this information, it is good to know that we have practically never been able to complete our round of domestic cleaning with just one charging cycle.

It is true that you can buy a backup battery but obviously the price goes up. By purchasing a secondary battery a little the strength side of the package, that is the value for money, decreases.

Nothing to complain, however, as mentioned regarding the quality of cleaning.

Another small flaw that drags on from the previous model this vacuum cleaner is the lack of stability. Indeed our Proscenic P11 Smart cannot balance on the main brush and we should always and necessarily lean it against a wall so as not to see it fall.

The accessories supplied and the cleaning of the collection compartment are excellent just like for the previous model.

Proscenic P11 Smart review: the evolution of aspiration?

Are there any changes compared to the past?

Some implementations have been there and are also interesting. The first ever and the possibility to download a dedicated App.

Once downloaded and after carrying out a few small steps, it will be possible to connect your vacuum cleaner to your smartphone via Bluetooth 5.0 technology. The app is not necessarily essential but it will give you the possibility to record your cleaning routine and take a look at the cleaning levels of your home.

A second feature that we found interesting on the contrary is that ofautomatic power increase when walking over a carpet. In fact, the Proscenic P11 vacuum cleaner will recognize the surface and automatically adapt the suction power by increasing it.

Proscenic P11 Smart review: the evolution of aspiration?

Who should buy this Proscenic P11 Smart?

In conclusion, we are faced with an excellent vacuum cleaner that offers a lot of technology and does not shy away from providing a complete package.

By purchasing this vacuum cleaner you will have the opportunity to do the cleaning in full. With the main brush you can take care of all flat surfaces and with the various accessories you can devote yourself to various crevices and furnishings.

The battery is not the best performing but this is true according to your needs.

To conclude, it is good to know that it is not yet available but it is already pre-orderable. In this regard, we cannot fail to mention the possibility of having a discount of 50 euros on the final price. In fact, ordering it through this link and spending only one euro.

If you are looking for a cordless vacuum cleaner capable of cleaning all surfaces and with an extra touch of technology with this Proscenic P11 Smart you will undoubtedly make a great purchase. Of course the autonomy is not exactly at the top but overall we were satisfied with this P11.

Great if at the right price

Points in favor

  • All the essential accessories and more
  • Lightweight and strong
  • Good power

Points against

  • The battery lasts about 50 minutes
  • It does not remain in equilibrium by itself
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