Silent Hill Townfall, a new title from NoCode, announced

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During the last event dedicated to Silent Hill, Townfall was announced, a new game in development by NoCode that will be published by Annapurna Interactive

At the moment everyone on the internet is talking about the remake from Silent Hill 2. Obviously the return of one of the most important video games of all time caused a sensation, but during the last event. Konami we have also seen other announcements. In fact, during the presentation it was announced Silent Hill Townfalla new title in development by NoCode and which will be published by Annapurna Interactive.

Silent Hill expands thanks to Townfall

Silent Hill Townfall was announced with an evocative teaser trailer but unfortunately at the moment we know almost nothing about this project. The video shown during the Konami event in fact did nothing but give us a vague idea of the possible topics that will be treated. If you also want to take a look at the reveal trailer you can find it at the bottom below.

Although we know next to nothing about Townfall, at least we know the developers well. In fact, NoCode is a small software house that has produced gods in the past horror titles as popular as they are special. From this we can assume that Townfall will be very different from the main chapters of the series but that will probably at least keep the spirit. Plus this will be just the beginning for the franchise. Konami indeed announced that in the future many other software houses will have the opportunity to try to create their story in the Silent Hill universe.

At the moment, no potential release date has been revealed for Silent Hill Townfall. If you are interested in staying up to date with all the news on the world of video games and much more, then continue to follow us here on Furthermore, in case you want to buy some games at an advantageous price, we suggest you take a look at the many offers on Instant Gaming.