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Siri cannot pronounce “dog”, “cat” and other words

Siri, the voice assistant of Apple, was recently the victim of one strano bug that did not allow her to to pronounce some words. The voice assistant was unable to spell some simple words, including “cane” e “cat”. Let’s find out all the details together.

Apple’s voice assistant, Siri, was the victim of a bug

Siri 10th anniversary

Apple has often been criticized for sticking around far enough back as compared to Google Assistant and also Alexa, particularly when it comes to capabilities of their digital and voice assistants. Unfortunately, recently, Siri’s inferiority compared to other assistants has made itself felt more than usual.

Apple’s voice assistant has been the victim of one strange bug that did not allow her to spell some simple words. The moment Siri was asked to spell a simple word like “cane”, the voice assistant added letters that they had nothing to do with the word in question.

In most words, Siri added the letters “NT NORMAL”. According to some sources, it could be a code from Apple to check the “mental health” of its voice assistant. Does that mean Apple is already trying to fix the problem?

We can’t know for sure. In any case, these were not the only problems.

Siri has been shown to have rather severe spelling problems and often, he did not understand what word your user was referring to. At the moment the bug seems to still persist, so we wait and hope that Apple can fix it soon. Fortunately iPhone users, if they can’t help but feel it spelling of “dog” or “cat”, they can safely install the application Google Assistant on their smartphone.

We can say that Google’s voice assistant works: it has indeed spelled in flawless way.

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