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Elden Ring: all the differences between the PS4 and PS5 version

During the weekend there were many players who were able to try for themselves Elden Ring, during the closed network test made available by Bandai Namco for various time slots. The new open world signed FromSoftware looks like a really interesting title, able to effectively merge many of the mechanics seen in the various games developed by Idetaka Miyazaki. We at Tech Princess have got to try Elden Ring on both PS4 than on PS5 and we’re ready to explore the differences in performance.

Elden Ring: what are the differences between PS4 and PS5?

Without too many surprises, the main difference between PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 that we could find in this network test concerns resolution and framerate. its PS4 the game runs at a resolution of 1080p with a framerate of 30 fps. Slightly better performing the situation on PS4 Pro, which reaches i 1800p and has a small advantage in terms of fluidity, as it manages to achieve i 35fps, even if not always stable.

its PlayStation 5 the game gives its best, with the presence of two graphics options to improve the resolution, for a better image quality, or the framerate. The quality mode comes to one 4K resolution, with a shiver that varies between 40 and 45 FPS, not a bad compromise, if we consider that the game world will be defined as never before.

The performance mode instead it lowers the resolution to a variable quality between 2160p (still 4K) and 1620p, while the framerate reaches i 60 fps, although even in this case they cannot always be stable, especially in situations where we find a large number of enemies on the screen or particularly dense quantities of particles.

Despite being a cross gen project, developed for the most part thinking of old gen consoles, it is undeniable that the aesthetic impact on PlayStation 5 is much better, and not only because of the resolution and framerate, as you can clearly see from the ElAnalistaDeBits videos.

The aesthetic impact

The differences between one version and the other are also noticeable in many other factors, which although they do not affect the overall gaming experience, are still very important to evaluate before opting for one or the other. First of all, there are the uploads, which on PlayStation 4 can be annoyingly slow, although not at the level of other FromSoftware works like Bloodborne.

On the PlayStation 5, on the other hand, they are extremely fast, and allow you to return to action in a few seconds after the upload has started. A particularly useful feature, especially when we consider how easy it is to die in the game, especially in the early stages, when we still have few options in our arsenal.

Elden Ring differences PS4 PS5

Another point in favor of the next gen version of Elden Ring is the aesthetic impact, given that on PlayStation 5 the title can boast a much higher density of vegetation, not to mention many visual effects that on old gen consoles could not be present due to many technical limitations.

In the PlayStation 4 version there is also a fair tendency of the game to perform rather violent pop-ups of the textures, not only annoying, but also making immersion in the Interregnum a much more difficult process.

In short, to conclude our invitation is to play Elden Ring on next gen consoles, if you have the possibility, because even if on old gen the title remains enjoyable, it is still castrated of some elements that can be really engraved as regards the your general experience.

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