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SiteGround explains in a webinar how to use WhatsApp with customers

SiteGroundamong the leading independent hosting providers, has organized for the month of March a webinar free on how to use WhatsApp for your website and business. Expected participation of Assunta Feraca and Cecilia Compagnuccirespectively co-founder and CEO of Humans.

SiteGround’s free webinar on how to effectively use WhatsApp with customers

“SiteGround organizes free webinars on a monthly basis, touching on a variety of topics related to communication and technology,” explains Luca Rodino, SiteGround’s Italian market manager. “The appointment on 16 March is dedicated to the use of the most famous messaging app, WhatsApp. With two industry experts, Assunta Feraca and Cecilia Compagnucci, we will illustrate the best techniques for communicating, advertising or simply for speaking effectively with its users and customers via WhatsApp.”

The webinar will also analyze the features of WhatsApp Business, trying to highlight cases of use and potential benefits, always in relation to the starting scenario and communication objectives.

The presence of two prominent guests such as Assunta Feraca and Cecilia Compagnucci will allow us to answer the most frequently asked questions regarding the use of messaging apps to communicate with your users: does it make sense to integrate WhatsApp into your online strategy? What are the benefits it promises and what are the risks to consider?


What the webinar will be about

Divided into 10 main sections, the webinar is scheduled for March 16, 2023 from 19:00 to 20:00. To participate you need to register.

These are the main topics that will be touched on:

  • WhatsApp message: too intrusive vs functional
  • WhatsApp Marketing: let the numbers speak
  • Benefits of WhatsApp Marketing
  • WhatsApp Business: opportunities and settings
  • What you need to know before installing WhatsApp Business
  • Effective communication tools
  • Strategies and case studies
  • WhatsApp e Advertising
  • Guide to set up successful campaigns
  • Benefits of integrating WhatsApp Business with Meta’s Business Manager

The special promo for the participants

A special promo will be reserved for all those who sign up, but are not already SiteGround customers: 3 months of free hosting, 75% discount on renewal after 3 months, free domain for 1 year and free site transfer. The prize will be redeemable at the end of the webinar.

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