Skate: online gameplay of a pre-alpha version

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Gameplay images of a pre-alpha version of the new Skate have recently surfaced online. Let’s find out all the details in this news

It seems that in recent times Electronic Arts has been actively dedicating itself to bringing some of its most loved brands back to life. After the remake of Dead Space, officially announced during the EA Play Live 2021, and then the protagonist of some livestreams, now to show itself is another title that has remained out of the spotlight for some time. We are talking about Skate, of which some gameplay images regarding what looks like a pre-alpha version of the game have appeared in the past few hours.

Here is the pre-alpha gameplay of the new Skate

The new chapter of this beloved series had already been talked about in the first months of this year, but it is the first time that the title is shown to the public. Although the images that appeared online show a pre-alpha version of Skate 4, it is interesting to note that there are already several interesting gameplay elements present. In fact, the short clip shows several possible tricks and evolutions, and the animations already seem quite fluid and well implemented.

It seems that Full Circle (the software house that is taking care of the development) is focusing a lot on making every game action as fun and satisfying as possible, and from what little we can see it seems that the developers are on the right path. We just have to wait for more information about the launch date and the platforms on which the game will be distributed.

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