Sketchbook: Here comes the Disney series for those who love drawing

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A pleasant novelty is about to arrive on the Disney Plus platform, it is Sketchbook – How a drawing is born, let’s see what it is

Have you ever wondered how a Disney cartoon is born? Con Sketchbook – How a drawing is born you can finally find out. This brand new series, in six episodeswill be available on the platform Disney Plusdal April 27.

Sketchbook will guide viewers on a fantastic journey, in the company of you are very famous Disney characters and theirs respective designers. During the episodes, each artist will show step by step drawing techniques used to create some of the public’s most loved characters.

The new series will allow young and old to discover the secrets behind Olaf, Kuzco, Simba and many others and, at the same time, get to know the artists of the Studios who will have the opportunity to talk about themselves, how they got to work at Disney studios and the difficulties they encountered along the way.

The episodes of Sketchbook – How a drawing is born

Each episode will focus on one of the artists, who will illustrate the different steps to be able to draw their favorite Disney character. In doing so, she will focus on how much the latter was an inspiration for her life and, vice versa, what inspired her birth and the characteristics of him.

Each designer then has one unique and incredible story to tell. Viewers will be able to understand what lies behind this work; what are the sacrifices, the satisfactions and be amazed to see how different the stories are told. The bets will be divided as follows:

“Kuzco” from The Emperor’s New Groove and Gabby Capili

Gabby Capili will guide us through the steps necessary to draw one of the funniest and most irreverent characters ever created: Kuzco. We will hear about when she, very young, she saw for the first time, in the company of her father, The follies of the emperor, the film starring his favorite character. In addition to guiding us in creating the iconic emperor transformed into a blade, the designer will share with the public the importance of following one’s instincts and letting ourselves be guided by our destiny.

Sketchbook: Here comes the Disney series for those who love drawing

“Olaf” by Frozen and Hyun Min Lee

We will discover in this episode the story of Hyun Min Lee, how she managed to find the courage to grow professionally, after a sad personal event. The artist will show everyone the techniques for drawing Olafthe funny snowman of Frozenone of the most successful Disney films, which inspired her so much.

Sketchbook: Here comes the Disney series for those who love drawing

“The Genius” by Aladdin and Eric Goldberg

Eric Goldberg will lead us to the discovery of one of his favorite Disney characters: the genius of the lamp. It will be an opportunity to focus on how much Robin Williams has managed to influence the latter, in the characteristics and in the animation.

Sketchbook: Here comes the Disney series for those who love drawing

“Captain Hook” from The Adventures of Peter Pan and Jin Kim

In this episode we will get to know Jin Kimwho will tell about his passion for Disney villains, teaching us to draw one: Captain Hook. It will be an opportunity for the artist to tell the difficulties encountered in doing this work, due to his color blindness.

Sketchbook: Here comes the Disney series for those who love drawing

“Mirabel” by Encanto and Samantha Vilfort

In this episode we will learn how to draw one of the most recent Disney characters: Mirabel from Charm. In doing so, the story artist Samantha Vilfort he will tell us about the relationship he has with this character and how his personal story has some traits in common with Mirabel.

Sketchbook: Here comes the Disney series for those who love drawing

“Simba” from The Lion King and Mark Henn

We will then have the opportunity to learn how to draw Simba, one of the most beloved Disney characters of the 90s. We will get acquainted with Mark Henn who, by telling his story, will explain the importance of always following one’s dreams, even in the darkest moments.

Sketchbook: Here comes the Disney series for those who love drawing

The words of the creators of Sketchbook – How a drawing is born

Sketchbook – How is a drawing born is a series produced by Walt Disney Animation Studiosin partnership with Supper Clubformer creator of series such as Chef’s Tablecentered on the personal philosophy and approach to cooking of famous chefs.

Jason Stermandirector ed executive producer di Suppor Clubspeaking of Sketchbook states:

This series offers one unprecedented look at how these beloved characters come to life. We are honored to present this incredible group of artists who have relied on us not only to tell us about their work, but also to share their personal and often emotional stories. We can’t wait for the public to be inspired to draw.

Amy Astleysenior vice president per Walt Disney Animation Studios then stated:

Think back to your favorite Walt Disney films, whether it’s from the early days, our 90s revival films or today’s award-winning ones like Encanto and Frozen, each of them starts with an idea, a pencil and an artist. And among the thousands of artists who have created our 60 films in the last century, each person has a unique and special story.

With Sketchbook – How a drawing is born, our hope is that of simplify the art of drawing, making it accessible to anyone want to take pencil and paper in hand, at the same time deepening the knowledge of people that contribute to the making of our films.

We just have to wait for tomorrow, April 27 and get involved in this documentary series, a unique educational and introspective experiencesuitable for the whole family.

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