Skull and Bones: first details on the gameplay

After years of silence and after a problematic production, here are the first details on the gameplay of Skull and Bones. Let’s see together the rumors on progression, open world and much more

Here we are again talking about Skull and Bones. This time however, we bring good news. The new Ubisoft IP, announced in 2017, is in fact making people talk about itself with new encouraging rumors. Following a development with others and lows and an endless series of referrals, here is the emergence of the first details relating to gameplay from Skull and Bones.

Gameplay details of the new Skull and Bones revealed with tweets

Jim Henson, the well-known insider and leaker, he disclosed with a series of tweet what could be the first information and the first details regarding the gameplay of Skull and Bones. As for the ships, there is talk of the presence of 5 types based on size e 3 based on “intended use“(Cargo, Combat and Exploration). Players will not have their own boat from the start, but they will begin aboard a raft. As you will get reputation and experience as a pirate, you can build the own ship. In the fights there will be different types of weapons, from cannons to mortars to flamethrowers.

Skull and Bones: first details on the gameplay

Broad also appears to be the degree of customizzazione, with the ability to customize it hull, the helm, the logs and more. On the other hand, the types of missions are different, fromassault other ships and fortresses (an obvious fact, being a game about pirates) to real missions of delivery. The game is set in theIndian Ocean, however the player’s hub will be located in Madagascar. Finally, there will be game sections a feet, on dry land, but these parts will be limited exploration and interaction with NPC local. Take this information with the pliers, as not officially confirmed.

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