Sky doesn’t work: what’s happening?

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Sky doesn’t work.
The outages for pay TV began around 5.30pm, as evidenced by the peak in reports recorded by the always useful But what specifically is happening?

Sky is not working, today 11 November 2023

Around 5.30pm today, November 11, 2023, Sky started to have some problems.
In particular many users seem unable to access the website while the application returns a message that signals the absence of an active subscriptionwhich is obviously not correct.

At the moment there is no other information available and Sky does not appear to have released any official statement, probably a sign that the fault, probably of an IT nature, should all in all be under control and in the process of being resolved.


Currently the number of reports seems to be decreasing, the partial downtime of Sky should therefore be close to being resolved.

Sky not working 11 November 2023The graph from

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