John Wick 5 announced by Lionsgate along with other spin-offs

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Lionsgate doesn’t stop: John Wick 5 announced along with other spin-offs with the characters of Halle Berry and Laurence Fishburne

Lionsgate believes so much in the John Wick project that they decided to further expand its universe with new projects set in the world of the world’s most famous serial killer. Today’s bombshell news that is under the spotlight is the following: John Wick 5 has been announced! Despite the ending of the fourth chapter with protagonist Keanu Reeves, Lionsgate has given the green light to the fifth film. Furthermore, if this wasn’t enough, after the announcement of the John Wick anime series, two other spin-offs also arrive: respectively with Halle Berry and Laurence Fishburne.

John Wick 5 announced by Lionsgate along with other spin-offs

Lionsgate announces John Wick chapter 5

Director Chad Stahelski he has repeatedly reiterated that he would only make John Wick 5 when there was a good reason to make it. Apparently, they found the reason, despite Keanu Reeves wanting his character to really died at the end of the fourth chapter. Additionally, from the Lions Gate Group President, Joe Drake, a new update has appeared on the world of John Wick, talking about the making of the fifth film and other spin-offs

Speaking of John Wick, we decided to make a fifth film and a series of spin-offs. We started working on the writing right when the writers’ strike started and went right back to work on it as soon as it ended.

Two of the spin-off series will explore Bowery King di Laurence Fishburne e Sofia Al-Zawar of Halle Berry. as also confirmed by franchise director Chad Stahelski. Drake’s confirmation of the spin-offs follows the wave of the TV series The Continental: From the World of John Wick and Ballerinafilm spin-off con Ana De Armas hero and with the participation of Keanu Reeves. The actress has already worked in such projects, as in No Time to Die con Daniel Craig e in The Grey Man con Chris Evans.

John Wick 5 announced by Lionsgate along with other spin-offs

The story of John Wick will last for a long time to come

After announcing John Wick 5, director Chad Stahelski revealed that he and Keanu Reeves they have many ideas to make 5 more films, specifying that he will realize these because he has clear and functioning ideas that have their own sense of existence. Stahelski confessed to having notebooks full of ideas for John Wick 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. The story is not over yet and both he and Keanu Reeves love the franchise madly, so much so that whenever there is a good idea to show in a film, they would do it immediately. Furthermore Lionsgate continually supports them and gives them full creative freedom, both regarding the character of Keanu Reeves and other characters in the franchise. There are many ideas and there are stories that will tell the background of old characters and show new characters. The producer Basil Iwanyk spoke about Keanu’s desire for the character to die at the end of John Wick 4:

After the second, third and fourth films, Keanu arrived at the end of filming destroyed and every time he hoped that his character would die. In the end he always says “I can’t do it again” and we agree with him. The guy is a shadow of himself, because he goes and tries, it’s like he’s asking us “kill me at the end of this movie”.

John Wick 5 announced by Lionsgate along with other spin-offs

The alternate ending of John Wick 4

Although the ending of John Wick 4 showed the death of the character, they had filmed an alternate ending where they show John Wick still alive. In the screen tests, viewers reacted negatively to this alternative ending, not particularly appreciating it, much preferring the version they then showed at the cinema, which gave a worthy conclusion to the saga. Despite this, the fact remains that Babayaga is still alive and will return not only in the fifth film, but in 5 more films.

We are all big fans of Keanu Reeves’ character and the franchise, which is why, even though the ending of John Wick 4 seemed a perfect ending, we are still curious to find out what are the many ideas that Chad Stahelski wrote in those notebooks. Continue to follow us on so as not to miss the next updates on cinema and TV series.

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