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Sky presents the smart TV by Dolce&Gabbana

An authentic work of art, which embodies the concept of advanced technology and love for Italian craftsmanship: this is the new Sky Glass Sicilian Cartthat with Dolce&Gabbana inaugurates an exclusive line of limited edition smart TVs.

Sky Glass DolceGabbana smart tv

Carretto Siciliano, the smart TV in perfect Dolce&Gabbana style

In this special partnership, the iconic Sicilian cart colors the brand new hand-painted Sky Glass. An exclusive creation that paves the way for an exclusive line of limited edition smart TV by Dolce&Gabbanawhich will be available soon. The new Sky Glass Carretto Siciliano was presented on the occasion of the Dolce&Gabbana Haute Couture events, held from 7 to 11 July. During these events, the brand celebrated the authentic beauty of the Valle d’Itria, in Puglia, with its charming towns and ancient crafts.

DolceGabbana TV

Sky Glass Carretto Siciliano is a 65 inches decorated with care by a craftsman from Palermo. With an elegant and exclusive design, it cleverly incorporates theunmistakable iconography of the Sicilian cart and the characteristic geometric, floral and stylized motifs typical of western Sicily. The colors are the lively and distinctive ones of the island: the red of the Etna volcano, the intense blue of the sea, the green of the coastal landscapes and the warm yellow of the Sicilian sun. This symphony of colors and patterns gives life to a real work of art, a tribute to the magnificence of this singular land. It is here, in fact, that the story in images of Sicilian history and myths is born, from a simple means of transport such as the cart.

hand painted sky tv

The new Sky Glass line of smart TVs

Sky Glass Carretto Siciliano kicks off a special collection of smart TVs which will be announced shortly. Launched in Italy last September, Sky Glass is the latest generation smart TVs, which offers Sky content, the main free-to-air channels and streaming apps in a single interface. An innovative device that facilitates the search and choice of content to watch, guaranteeing high audio-video quality. This is thanks to her soundbar Dolby Atmos and allo schermo 4K HDR Quantum Dot. Furthermore, Sky Glass is the first certified TV in the world CarbonNeutral and Climate Impact Partners.

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