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Slow mobile network in the evening, especially in Palermo and Naples

If you’ve noticed that your smartphone’s Internet connection slows down during the evening hours, you’re not alone. A survey conducted by OpenSignal has revealed that the mobile network in Italy travels at slower speeds during the evening, and the connection is particularly slow in some Italian cities. Especially in the South.

Slow mobile network in the evening, especially in Palermo and Naples

During the evening hours, many people come home after a day of work or study and start using devices like smart TVs and smartphones to watch streaming videos or play games onlineAnd. This higher number of users leads to a higher bandwidth demand, which ultimately translates into a reduction in speed for each device connected to the mobile network.

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OpenSignal’s survey results (via DDay) showed that Naples and Palermo are the Italian cities with the greatest difference in average speed. In Palermo, the average download speed drops by 23.2%, while in Naples by 22.8%.

Close up of a man using mobile smart phoneClose up of a man using mobile smart phone

On the other hand, Padua was the city with the least impact of the evening speed reduction (12.5%), followed by Venice and Verona (both 14%). Despite this, the drop in speed is felt throughout Italy, with one national average of 21.2%.

According to OpenSignal, the operators TIM and WindTre are the ones who suffer the most from the negative difference in the user experience. TIM drops by 23.9%, while WindTre by 21.5%. Instead, Fastweb recorded the smallest drop with 15.8%. But these values ​​indicate the decline, not the absolute speed: that of TIM and WindTre could still be higher, depending on the area.

What is certain is that the performances go down in the evening. If you are a gamer or you love streaming, it is better to use WiFi.

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