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Smart Home: 5 devices to get you started

In this article we talk about smart homes. Where to start without spending a fortune and without going crazy for the configuration? Here are 5 devices that are right for you!

We often hear about smart homes, but the reality is that many of our homes remain anything but smart. Of course automate the entire home as in science fiction films it is still utopian for mere mortals, but we can all try to introduce many smart home devices into our homes that will make it smarter with minimal effort! Here are some products to get you started.

Smart Home: 5 devices to get you started

The inevitable voice assistant

Obviously where to start if not from one smart speaker? Smart speakers like Google Nest or Amazon Echo are the nerve center of every smart home today. In fact, there are hundreds of devices compatible with Google and Amazon’s voice assistants that can be configured with a few clicks and then used comfortably using voice commands. Obviously they also allow us to search for information on the web and listen to music. And perhaps with the advent of new AI systems such as ChatGPT they will be able to do much more.

Electronic lock for a safer home

A electronic lock it allows us to open and close the doors of the house, completely forgetting to use the keys! In fact, just install them on the lock cylinder and you’re done. There are many different types of locks that open with a code, with a fingerprint, with magnetic cards, with a smartphone. Many templates can connect to the internet and can be opened remotely.

Smart bulbs for your smart home

The smart bulb gives much more than a touch of light to our life! Obviously they light up our rooms, but they do it in a totally different way. In fact, we will be able to customize the color and the amount of light in the room according to our tastes and needs. We will be able to connect it to the smartphone and adjust the light as we like. Some advanced models also offer light and chromatic effects such as the transition from one shade to another to make us relax.

Smart socket to automate each household appliance

The smart plug can be used for automate any household appliance in home. In fact, these devices can be connected to smartphones or smart speakers via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and in this way they can be activated and deactivated remotely. The appliance attached to our smart socket can therefore be operated without having physical access to the plug. Many of these can also be programmed to run in specific time slots.

Sustainable smart home with the smart thermostat

Certainly smart thermostats and thermovalves are the most useful devices in a smart home. In fact, they allow us to make our homes not only smarter, but also more sustainable – and they will help us to save on bills. How? By controlling the heating system of the house in a smarter way, they will allow us to have the ideal temperature, without wasting energy. In fact, we will be able to set a program comfortably from our smartphone – even remotely – and the thermostat will take care of managing the heating in the best possible way.

These are just some of the devices you can buy to make your home smarter! If you are interested in this topic, continue to follow us!

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