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Smart technologies: here is the means of gaming for an increasingly phygital future

Integrated solutions for a synergy between online and physical. Here is the means of gaming for an increasingly phygital future

Technology is now the beating heart of most markets and smart technologies are the ones that the consumer likes the most. Here is the gaming world’s approach to user conquest.

Something is moving in the technology sector. After the biggest crisis since 2000 which occurred in the last months of 2022, it seems that Big Tech has returned to growth.

As suggested in the weekly Technicismi update, these movements do not mean that the tech crisis is officially over, also taking into consideration the economic situation that is looming on the horizon, but it is a fact that the markets are signaling a moment of uplift.

Investors are in fact betting again on Big Tech and there are essentially two reasons: the enthusiasm for the artificial intelligence sector – the most popular technology of the moment – and the desire to reward companies that are working towards a corporate restructuring and in setting up their budgets.

Smart technologies: they improve the customer experience and company revenues

In fact, the Big Tech industry cannot stop. There are now countless activities that we usually carry out through the use of technology and it is unthinkable to block innovations right now. A discourse that mainly concerns smart technologies, which are an integral part of our daily life.

This circumstance is well known to brands, which have understood that investing in smart technologies translates into a clear improvement in worker satisfaction, but also in the customer experience and, therefore, in company revenues.

The example of Snai: smart technologies to unite online and terrestrial

To treasure this lesson, a giant of the gaming world: it is the very Italian Snai with smart solutions for its online casino, designed to facilitate the user experience.

In a dynamic world like that of gambling, knowing how to reinvent yourself is one of the foundations for moving forward and being competitive on the market. Snai has therefore formulated various options for betting and gaming, which can both merge into the single Smartsolution platform, web-based and formulated on HTML5 language, and branch out into the various native applications, which the user can choose based on wager.

But the future is not only online, and the gambling world is well aware of this, after the beating of the retail market inflicted by the two-year pandemic. And this is why smart technologies don’t stop at the web universe, but also go beyond the terrestrial one, with an omnichannel offer that completes the consumer’s gaming experience, allowing perfect integration between online and physical.

A mission that is realized through Betsmart technologies, a self-service for the player, and proprietary digital signage systems such as Intuition, which allows the display of events, odds and information content in real time. “Between physical and digital, from now on we play onlife” is what Morgan Ricciardi CTO of Snaitech said, aware that the points of sale can no longer be considered as separate and independent channels from online platforms.

In fact, online and retail must be integrated in a synergistic way and Snaitech’s investments have been precisely directed in this direction.

The task of smart technologies in the future of gaming is therefore this: to create a bridge between the physical and the digital, towards an increasingly integrated and increasingly phygital experience.