Smartphone games: users' favorite genres

Smartphone games: users’ favorite genres

Smartphone games have been rampant for years now: they are always at hand and with increasingly powerful devices, even the graphics component has quickly risen to the next level, but not all genres are suitable for mobile devices. Which ones will be preferred by users?

In the world of console and PC gaming there are many popular genres they have conquered the hearts of entire generations of gamers: FPS, RPG, Survival Horror and many others. But the arrival of billions of mobile devices in the hands of as many people has brought the gaming world closer to new perspectives, new genres and new ways to play. In this article we will see which genres have been preferred by users in recent years.

Smartphone games: Puzzle Games

More than half of all smartphone users play some type of puzzle game, especially female gamers. Candy Crush, Angry Birds, Tetris and many others are extremely popular with the casual audience and even among smartphone users who do not identify themselves as gamers. People of all ages enjoy puzzle games, from children to the elderly. The reason is probably that the puzzle games they focus on mechanics that are easy to understand, but as you progress it requires more and more effort to use logic and reasoning to beat the game. For more the touch screen interface of many smartphone games is particularly suitable for touching, moving or moving objects, while it is not very suitable for genres such as FPS that require more responsive controls.

According to the market research tool DataMagic, Western audiences prefer hyper casual, action, arcade and puzzle games. Asian gamers, on the other hand, love team fighters and RTS / MMORPG games. As a subgenre of casual games, puzzle games are also a financial success – most of the revenue in the smartphone game market comes from them, and growth has been steady.

Smartphone games: users' favorite genres

Candy Crush, one of the most famous puzzle games in history. They even did TV commercials, remember?

Smartphone games: Battle Royale

Many of you will know PUBG mobile, yet another Tencent creation it has conquered 400 million players in a very short time with a daily average of 50 million active users. Data published by The Esports Observer demonstrates the strength of the Battle Royale genre on mobile devices. Looking at the videogame landscape in general, we can say that Battle Royale has been the genre of the past year, if you take into account the fact that a lot of hit games for PC, console and mobile are Battle Royale. This genre gained mass popularity in 2017 when Player Unknowns BattleGrounds launched on PC. The format is simple: You are faced with 99 other players in a gigantic map with resources such as weapons, armor, ammunition, etc. scattered in random places that you need to collect to fend off enemies. The goal of the game is to remain the last one alive, and is partially inspired by the Japanese dystopian horror film Battle Royale released in 2000. In the film, people are selected and sent to a desert island with food, maps, weapons, etc. and they have to kill each other.

The gigantic maps and variety of equipment configurations make Battle Royale games quite different from traditional FPS games like Call of Duty or Battlefield. There amount of possible strategies and the ability to interface with dozens of other human users make these games many dynamic and engaging. Fortnite has added its own twist to the formula with a unique art style, clear graphics, and a system that allows you to create barriers, towers, defenses, etc. on the fly in the middle of a firefight. Finally, the Battle Royale have also conquered smartphone games, especially among young and very young people.

Smartphone games: users' favorite genres

PUBG, the father of Battle Royale

Smartphone games: Management and strategy games

Who hasn’t ever wanted to open a bakery in downtown Australia or a farmer in Australia or even a village full of dragons, wizards and knights? Perhaps this is precisely why management and strategy games have been a huge success among smartphone game users. In general gameplay mechanics are simple, but new elements are added as experience accumulates to develop more complex strategies.

Generally a management game is based on the possibility of accumulate resources which can then be reinvested to “buy” new items or characters. They are particularly profitable for software houses that can sell resources directly. The Clash of Clans alone spawned at Supercell approx 6.5 billion dollars since launch in 2012. Part of the success of these games is also based on interacting with other players (battles or alliances) which can be used to earn resources. The game mechanics that allow you to earn resources imply daily access to the game that builds user loyalty. Furthermore, the developers are constantly adding new features so as not to bore players. A big hit in the mobile world!

Smartphone games: users' favorite genres

Probably everyone has tried at least once in their life to attack a village with a horde of angry barbarians

Smartphone Games: Digital Trading Card Games

Trading card games have been the reference point for many kids for years, before the arrival of electronic video games on the mass market. And then? Well it was enough to digitize them and improve them. There smartphone platform, compact and easy to use in all conditions, it is very close to the philosophy of the decks of cards that we always carried with us. Thanks to mobile devices that have added more complex dynamics and augmented reality, card games have become a big hit!

As with management and strategy games, there are daily challenges to complete to get new cards to add to your decks to enhance them, also thanks to the internet and smartphones it is possible to challenge any person in the world, which it greatly increases competitiveness and involvement. Perhaps one of the most famous titles among smartphone card games is Heartstone, but Crash Royale can also be seen as a card game from a certain point of view.

Smartphone games: users' favorite genres

Heartstone has been able to make the most of mobile platforms to launch a card game based on World of Warcraft

Smartphone games: Online casino

Gambling in casinos has always fascinated man and continues to do so also on mobile devices. Poker, roulette, slot online, blackjack and many others can be found in digital form and allow you to meet players from all over the world. Digital gaming is so widespread that many international poker tournaments or other millionaire prize pool games choose a few candidates via these platforms. However, remember that these are delicate games – especially if you use real money – and therefore it is always preferable to play at legal casinos. The best online casinos offer the possibility to play from smartphone with easy and intuitive applications.

Smartphone games: users' favorite genres

Can a smartphone be entered into the casino? Yes and it fits perfectly!

Warm your thumbs

Smartphone games in recent years have had a higher growth than other platforms, building a billionaire turnover. More and more powerful devices, the ability to play at any time connected to the network and a huge availability of genres that adapt to the interfaces of the phones have allowed to capture the attention of every smartphone owner or almost. Perhaps we should resign ourselves to the fact that even smartphones can now be considered gaming consoles, so much so that companies are developing models optimized for gaming like Asus or Xiaomi. From the mobile devices section, that’s all! Keep following us for many other articles and insights.