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Smartphone su misura: eco Samsung Galaxy z Flip3 Bespoke Edition

After following Apple’s announcements on the new MacBooks and Google’s on the new Pixels, too Samsung held a virtual event to announce all its news: the Galaxy Unpacked Part 2. In fact, after the announcements of the classic and foldable smartphones, today we were waiting for new big surprises. And the surprise was not lacking: instead of presenting new devices, Samsung showed how to give a new style to those announced during the year. In fact they arrive Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 e Watch 4 in Bespoke Edition.

Personalize your Samsung Galaxy with the Bespoke Edition

Samsung got used to us well in the Galaxy Unpacked events of the past, which it also remembered with the graphics before the event started: for years the big announcements of the Korean hardware are announced like this. But this time he wanted surprise us in a really new way.

In fact, as soon as the live broadcast began, Samsung immediately demonstrated the attention to detail with an intervention by So-mi, kpop star, who shared his experience with his Galaxy Z Flip3 5G. Undoubtedly one of the most interesting smartphones presented this year.

But So-she also showed me how she uses hers Buds2 during the runs, tracing the training with his Galaxy Watch 4. To then get an ice cream by paying with Samsung Pay. In short, once again Samsung underlines the importance of its ever-growing ecosystem. Where he wants you to enter and feel at home, perhaps passing your backups with Smart Switch.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 Bespoke Edition e galaxy Watch 4 Bespoke Edition


The first new announcement does not feature a completely new product, but launches a new version of the Flip3. With the idea that a smartphone is part of your style, not just being a simple device, the Bespoke Edition shows a new way to personalize your smartphone.

There are five colors for the panel (yellow, blue, pink, white and black) and two for the hinges (black and silver) of the folding smartphone, which you can compare with each other. So there are 49 different combinations of colors you can choose. By ordering them on the Samsung website, you will receive your unique product directly at home. A smartphone tailored to your tastes.

It will arrive from today in some markets starting with $ 1,099. But the Galaxy ecosystem will soon have new customizations on other products, so you can choose a tailor-made experience. Starting with Galaxy Watch 4 BeSpoke Edition.

In addition to the “internal” customization, Samsung has also launched some really interesting partnerships. For example the one with Kitsuné, a brand that allows you to personalize your Galaxy experience even more. The Parisian maison in fact brings his fox on the straps and screens smartwatches, on your phone and even on the Galaxy Buds2.

The Galaxy ecosystem of One UI 4

Samsung then explained how to customize your experience on all Samsung devices thanks to One UI 4, the company’s new smartphone operating system. In order to make your smartphone unique not only in the external color and accessories but also in the software. For example, you can choose different colors to personalize all menus and your experience.

But Samsung’s strength lies increasingly in the ecosystem. Which includes devices that communicate with each other great. For example, take a picture with your new smartwatch and then share it on your PC with QuickShare. You can also use your devices to improve productivity: Second Screen allows you to use smartphones and tablets as support screens while working on the PC.

one ui 4 samsung-min

It is also interesting how smartphones and smartwatches work in pairs. With Galaxy Watch 4 you can leave your smartphone at home after choosing the way to go on Google Maps, synchronizing it with your watch. And then you can keep track of your friends from the Watch 4 screen, in a simple and fun way.

Finally, Samsung has announced SmarThings Find, which allows you to find all your Samsung devices, from Buds to smartwatches, using one and a half billion Samsung devices worldwide. It works similar to Apple’s Where’s it, but in the ever-growing Galaxy ecosystem – now you can be sure you won’t lose your Buds.

The Samsung Unpacked Part 2 it hasn’t really unveiled anything new from a hardware standpoint. But it confirms something that those who follow the Korean company have understood for a while: the goal is to become a complete technological brand for people’s lives. No longer just a question of hardware, but also of complete and interconnected services. In addition to style.

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