Smartphone per ogni budget, cosa cercare?

Smartphones for every budget, what to look for?

At the peak of an impressive growth over the past decade, full of new features and never-before-seen features, the smartphone market it seems at the dawn of a phase of consolidation

The international telephony giants aim for improve the digital experience of the different niches, through which we are finally able to distinguish consumer preferences with a certain precision. Currently, the existing niches form grandi community with similar interests.

In such a context, among the companies smartphone manufacturers, the race to conquer social expectations begins. Most of the time, to triumph over its competitors, it is the product that stands out for value for moneythus managing to conquer an important slice of the market.

In order to identify the smartphone with the features that best suit your needs and budget, it is therefore necessary to carry out an accurate evaluation and comparison of the models on the market. But not only that, once the model has been identified, before proceeding with the purchase it is always advisable to rely on reliable and certified retailers who offer a clear and transparent service, such as OnlineStore. Let’s see what are the characteristics of each smartphone depending on the budget available.

Smartphone: what to expect under 100 euros

In recent times, they have made the appearance on the market of cheap smartphones that is, low budget devices with all the basic functionality.

Excellent gift ideas for dear grandparents and for anyone who wants approach the mobile world but without spending big bucks.

The majority exploits the potential of the Android operating systemallowing the user to freely range between calls, messages, online searches and social networks.

All the basic features are there, but we don’t ask for any additional efforts that could jeopardize them stability and performance. The reference is directed to video callswatching movies and TV series, at streaming from major music players and to the installation of higher resolution mobile games. Not having false expectations is the first rule to not be disappointed.

The entry level smartphone category is perfectly represented by brands such as Xiaomi, Wiko, Alcatel and Nokia that offer numerous models to choose from according to different needs.

Smartphone: the characteristics of the models over 200 euros

By slightly raising the budget, thus spending a little more, you can access the mid-range smartphone.

Bringing the initial budget to 200 – 300 eurothe user can aspire to a clear improvement of the basic functionalities mentioned and to the completion of other activities.

The manufacturers aim to capture the interest of telephony enthusiasts by offering one camera better performing both front and rear and an operating system suitable for multitasking.

From photographs to soft gaming in your free time, give it stare sui social to audio-video streaming, the user looks for a smartphone that allows him to quickly switch from one application to another, in a moment of absolute relaxation, at the end of work commitments.

The middle range of smartphones is dominated by the Realme, Oppo, Xiaomi and Samsung industries.

Smartphone: the advantages of the top of the range

A technological guide that wants to be considered complete cannot fail to mention top in gamma. Some prefer to talk about high endin which the price range from 800 euros often exceeds the ceiling of 1000 euro.

Those interested are the tech geeks, eager to keep up with the times, but especially those who use their mobile phones constantly throughout the day. A group which includes professional photographers, influencers with millions of followers and pro players engaged in mobile competitions which therefore require highly performing mobile phones in all its aspects.

For the listing figures, the smartphone is a irreplaceable support. The same can count on the interesting proposals Samsung, Apple, Oneplus and Asus.