SMEG: here are the Galileo Omnichef ovens, 3 cooking in a single oven

SMEG: ecco i forni Galileo Omnichef, 3 cotture in un unico forno thumbnail

Omnichef ovens, the spearhead of the new generation of ovens GALILEO from SMEG. A change of pace in the kitchen, from many points of view: from the approach to cooking to the most advanced expression of Multicooking technology which allows you to blend traditional cooking – steam and microwave in sequence or simultaneously – in a single one

Multistep and Multitech: two cooking approaches that I want to give value to the ingredients on a professional level and make the culinary experience unique and personal, making it intuitive and intelligent, with a time saving of up to 60%. Cooking technologies and preparation approaches are set via the touch display, which represents a distinctive feature of the range.

Galileo Omnichef allows you to capture the best of the trio of technologies: greater browning and crunchinessthanks to
traditional cooking, preservation of flavors and vitamins thanks to steam, speed and practicality thanks to

The strengths of Galileo Omnichef:

  • Low temperature cooking is a slow and delicate cooking method that allows you to obtain excellent results in
    cooking meat and fish. Thanks to the multipoint probe it is possible to monitor the temperature in three different points
    of the ingredient, from the heart to the surface, and cook until the desired value is reached.
  • Thanks to the presence of the multipoint probe, it is possible to set cooking without thermal stress. The rise of the
    the temperature of the cavity, in fact, increases proportionally with respect to the temperature detected by the core probe
    of the ingredient.
  • Thanks to the Fill and Hide system it is possible to fill the tank at any time, even when the oven is closed during
    cooking. With a capacity of 2l, the tank allows you to cook up to 13 hours with steam activation at 20% and up to
    2 hours and 15 minutes with 100% steam activation, recharging it when necessary.
  • Thanks to the combination of the three cooking technologies, it is possible to obtain energy savings of up to 25%
    compared to traditional cooking.
  • The new generation maxi touch display allows you to select additional cooking functions that allow,
    thanks to the dedicated accessories, to explore new possibilities in the kitchen. The reversible BBQ pan allows you to cook al
    better meat, fish and vegetables. With the airfry tray it is possible to fry with a lower amount of cooking fat and the
    STONE refractory stone allows you to cook a crispy pizza in just 4 minutes.
  • The OMNICHEF oven door is equipped with a soft and silent internal glass release system. The opening and
    door closures are quick and silent thanks to the soft open and soft close system.
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