Snapchat introduce una nuova funzione per condividere la posizione in tempo reale thumbnail

Snapchat introduces a new feature to share location

Snapchat has introduced an interesting new feature related to location sharing. With the new system Live Locationin fact, users will be able to share their position with one or more contacts for a limited period of time. This feature can be useful in different contexts. Let’s see the details.

Snapchat updates with a new system of sharing location with friends and contacts for a limited time

The new system introduced by Snapchat for location sharing allows a user to di share their location with a friend in real time. For security reasons, you won’t be able to share your location with all your contacts. Both users will have to accept sharing of the location by either of them. Location sharing via Snapchat can take place for a limited time, set by the user, and can be useful in various situations.

A useful feature

Snapchat points out how sharing your real-time location with a friend can turn out useful in many contexts. For example, you can share your location with a friend to ensure they are safely back home (useful, for example, after a night out). This function can be activated to meet in a crowded place or for any other need. It will be up to the users to use this new function in the right and advantageous way from time to time.

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