Snapchat now teaches sign language

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Interesting news for theSnapchat app, which is now launching new filters and stickers to allow users to learn sign language. A feature developed by the platform to support the deaf experience, in collaboration with industry experts. The new AR filters, in fact, use SignAll’s Artificial Intelligence and computer vision technology, capable of recognizing and translating American Sign Language.

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Snapchat: App adds filters for learning sign language

Snapchat recently added filters and stickers to its platform to help users learn sign language. One of the filters, for example, will teach you to use your fingers to form letters and words. Others, on the other hand, will teach you how to use your hands to pronounce yours username, or some key words of the language such as “love” and “smile”.

And in addition to the filters, the Snapchat App has also released a series of stickers representing some of the most common signs of the language. An addition desired by the platform to sensitize users to a new way of communicating. About that, Jennica Pounds – an engineer who was in charge of following the project for the deaf – said: “A great motivation for me is my eldest son, who absolutely loves to talk, but had difficulty learning ASL. I am passionate about this technology because I truly believe it will open up so many applications. It’s technology like this that will help families like mine communicate and grow together. ”