Star Wars would lead Quantic Dream to action games

Star Wars and Quantic Dream have been talking a lot about themselves these days, and one of the main reasons is the coming and going of rumors about the possible new game of the French company

In yesterday’s article there were rumors about the collaboration between Disney and Quantic Dream for the development of a Star Wars game. The potential news was spread further dal leaker Tom Henderson on Twitter, and ever since then fans of the saga have been pestering him with questions in response tweets.

Star Wars with Quantic Dream narrative

Comes a further confirmation, from Kotaku, on the Star Wars game produced by Quantic Dream. But an independent source different from the person to whom Tom Henderson was referring to provide the real scoop. He or she would tell Kotaku that yes, the Star Wars game has been in development for a year and a half, however there is only one factor that could create discussion among fans.

Star Wars would lead Quantic Dream to action games

In fact, Quantic Dream’s iconic gameplay style based on Quick Time Events would have been abandoned in favor of a more action dynamic, an open world and multiplayer functions. In addition, the Quantic Dream section opened in early February in Montreal would serve as the nerve center where the construction of the Star Wars game will take place. This is because that’s where they mostly develop game mechanics and gameplay, thus responding to the need for experts in elements external to cutscenes and narration.

It seems clear that Quantic Dream wants to take advantage of this opportunity with Star Wars to completely rework the reasons for which it became famous; but in this way the hopes of those who wished are fading a different game from the Star Wars themed ones produced in recent years.

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