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Snapchat’s Dual Camera arrives

Snapchat winks at BeReal – or almost -, and launches the new feature Dual Camera, which we have already tried in preview these days. The Snap App has revolutionized its communication concept by allowing users to use simultaneously the front camera and the rear camera, offering them new and interesting storytelling opportunities. In fact, telling our everyday life in days has been easier and more fun thanks to Snapchat’s Dual Camera. So let’s see how the new option works, so that we can exchange some nice content in the coming days.

Dual Camera: Snapchat launches a new feature for the camera

Finally, even Snapchat gives in to the double use of the front and rear camera with the new Dual Camera function, present on its own in the center of the main toolbar of the camera, so as to make it easier and more intuitive to use. It’s fun, let us tell you. In fact, during these days we have tried the preview function, and we have had the opportunity to use it for any type of content: Snap, Stories e video Spotlight. And that’s not all. Snapchat has always been attentive to the creativity of its users, and does everything to make sure that they express themselves at their best.

Precisely for this reason, the new Dual Camera allows Snapchatters to choose between four different layouts for your own contents: vertical, horizontal, photo in the photo – where you can appear inside a small circle – and cutout – which will allow you to print your big face on the photo you took with the rear camera -. Once you have taken your photos, the App allows you to add all the appropriate effects: musica, sticker it’s the Landed. By taking advantage of all the tools offered, you can finally share your daily life with your friends, and maybe comment on it at the same time.

“We are thrilled to introduce Dual Camera to our community – he explained Jane Meng, Camera Product Manager di Snap Inc -. Snap has long invested in fun and spontaneous camera experiences and we see Dual Camera as an evolution of that commitment. We can’t wait to see how Snapchatters will use Dual Camera to capture multiple perspectives simultaneously giving them the ability to capture the moment as it happens. ” In short, Snapchat proves to be an ever-evolving App, at the complete disposal of its users’ creativity.

If you want to try Snapchat’s Dual Camera, then, we suggest you do it. Although for the moment the function is available only on the iOS operating system for owners of iPhones from XS / XR onwards. As for Android users, there will still be some time to wait before they can use the new camera feature. But your time will come too, according to Snap Inc.

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