Snapdragon Pro Series: the world tournament of ESL and Qualcomm

Snapdragon Pro Series: il torneo mondiale di ESL e Qualcomm

Qualcomm and ESL Gaming bring to light the Snapdragon Pro Series, the future of Esports Mobile that wants to revolutionize the market

The mobile esports market is about to be revolutionized by the collaboration born between ESL Gaming and Qualcomm Technologies. The two companies come together to bring exciting new competition into the pockets of players around the world. The multi-year agreement, in fact, highlights the common vision and the use to provide high-quality mobile Esport experiences accessible to all. Snapdragon Pro Series was conceived as a global ecosystem of mobile esports, with tournaments in North America, Europe, the Middle East, China, North Africa and Asia-Pacific.

Snapdragon Pro Series: the innovative Esports tournament for mobile

The competition will consist of a global tournament, culminating in an epic live final event. The goal is to take advantage of premium-level Snapdragon-powered devices, which are equipped with Snapdragon Elite Gaming technology. The aim is to create a revolutionary experience. Snapdragon Elite Gaming It offers premium, mobile-first features and enhancements, including advanced game optimizations, ultra-realistic graphics, lightning-fast connectivity and speed of performance. All this to help competitors harness the power of desktop gaming to turn the phone into a premium gaming machine.

The competition program includes three levels of competition. Through the Open, Challenge and Master series, the Snapdragon Pro Series redefines the Esports Mobile landscape, giving players of varying skill levels the chance to become a champion and compete for a portion of the estimated cash prize pool. 2 million dollars.

The rapid rise of mobile esports is well documented, and we are incredibly proud of the role ESL has played in this to date. Our new partnership with Qualcomm Technologies and its Snapdragon brand will elevate our mobile ecosystem to its maximum potential. We are excited to transform the future of mobile esports for gamers and fans around the world.

Snapdragon Pro Series: the world tournament of ESL and Qualcomm

These are the words of Rodrigo Samwell, CCO of ESL Gaming. Featuring innovative and personalized brand integrations through live and online events, the collaboration will demonstrate how Snapdragon-powered products deliver a dynamic and advanced mobile gaming experience. I follow the words of Don McGuireSenior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Qualcomm Techologies Inc., the other side of the coin of this collaboration.

Qualcomm Technologies is all-in on gaming. Snapdragon Elite Gaming has led the industry across the mobile gaming technology stack benefiting gamers at all levels and enabling the ecosystem to deliver the very best in gameplay. In partnership with ESL, Snapdragon Pro Series will be an important additional pillar of our gaming strategy, enabling us to build category leadership in mobile esports globally.

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