Sniper Elite 5: release period announced

Rebellion Developments has announced the release window of Sniper Elite 5, the game will also arrive on game Pass at launch

Sniper Elite 5, the latest installment in the Rebellion Developments shooter series, has a period ofexit for Xbox Series X / S, PS5, Xbox One, PS4 and PC: the game will arrive in 2022. The title will also be available for Xbox Game Pass on consoles and PCs from day one. Take a look at the former trailer (by clicking on the player below) which features the typical X-ray kills of the stealth-shooter series.

Sniper Elite 5: the release period is still rather vague, on the other hand, for now, you can enjoy the latest trailer

Official: the period ofexit per Sniper Elite 5 is set at 2022. Set in 1944 in France, the campaign features the protagonist Karl Fairburne discover a new project, theOperation Kraken. The latter could have threatened resistance even before the Allies intervened and turned the Second World War in their favor. As such, it is up to him to sabotage this terrible intent. In addition to including real-world locations (which look even more realistic thanks to the photogrammetry), the shooter features a number of infiltration and extraction points, targets and more to deal with in each mission.

Players can also play alone or in cooperative with new features such as ammo and item sharing, healing and ordering. The typical sniper returns along with more movement options such as sliding, moving, climbing ledges and steel cables. Aextensive customization for each weapon, down to the type of ammunition.

Along with the single player campaign, a new one is also included Invasion mode for PvP against a player-controlled Axis sniper, 16-player multiplayer battles and a mode Cooperative survival for four players. The game in question was revealed some time ago as one of those in development for Sony’s new flagship console (to check out the others just click here). The last chapter of the saga in question, Sniper Elite 4, was also released for the Nintendo Switch.

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