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Snow White: reboot delayed?

The new reboot dedicated to Snow White does not cease to be talked about, it would seem that the film has been postponed

It is one of the films, not yet released, which has caused and is causing discussion for various reasons. We are talking about the new Disney reboot dedicated to Snow White. After the controversy that broke out due to the choice to remove the figure of the dwarfs, replacing it with that of the unspecified “magical creatures” and after the recent declarations of the new protagonist Rachel Zegler against the original story, now the film returns to be talked about due to a possible postponement of the release date. Here’s what we know about it.

Snow White: reboot delayed?

Canceled or postponed? | Snow White: reboot delayed?

The news concerning this live-action are many, in the last period, however, there has been talk of its release. The latest news claimed the possibility that the film had been trashed altogether, perhaps due to the uncontainable criticisms from the public, due to choices far removed from the original story and to the statements of some of the actors. First of all Rachel Zegler, lashed out on the original plot of the 1937 animated classic confessing, unlike many viewers, her hatred for it. Although there were persistent rumors of a cancellation, we must however clarify that no official source has ever confirmed the news.

The most plausible and recently confirmed hypothesis would rather indicate a postponement of the release date. The live action will therefore not be canceled, but rather postponed. It is inevitable to think that this could be due to the strike of actors and screenwriters, which has been gripping the world of American cinema for some time and which is causing many new releases to slip, including Dune. To date, however, we can bring you the latest updates that the former editor of the Hollywood Reporter, Matt Belloni, has decided to release, in reference to the release of Snow White. Indeed, Belloni argued that the film, scheduled for March 22, 2024, will almost certainly move from that date.

The new date

There would be a lot of changes going on at Disney, precisely because of the strikes. Now it remains to understand what will be the new date established for the release of the film. Some hypotheses hazard the 3 maggio 2024, the date on which the release of Deadpool 3 was scheduled, which in turn was postponed. We just have to wait for certain news, which will finally clarify both the release and the content of this much-discussed new reboot, written by Greta Gerwig. Keep following everythingfor any developments!

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