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Snow White, the bike that comes from fairy tales and challenges the future

“If you can dream it, you can do it”, as this maxim fits well Walt Disneyto the history of the creation of the work of art on wheels snow-white. Yes, because as explained by the two designers of the Dotto Creations, Francesco Iannuzzi e Gianluca Bartoliniwe often forget that child’s point of view that is in us to imagine and create projects.

Ecco, Snow White is a motorcycle that you can park it very well in your living room and it is able to communicate perfectly with the furniture without clashing, indeed, its sleek lines certainly would not go unnoticed.

Surprise at the base is a Honda CX500

The basis of Snow White is a 1979 Honda CX500expertly disassembled and assembled in the manner of Dotto Creations: with originality and a lot of philosophy, typical of every motorcyclist.

The futuristic architecture goes well with the ambitious project of the creative duo. Thus it all started: “Our goal was to decide what is worth keeping and discard everything else. Maintain only the essence of what we want to communicate and do it in the simplest way, ”he says Gianluca Bartolini.

Snow White, the bike that comes from fairy tales and challenges the futureSnow White, the bike that comes from fairy tales and challenges the future

Motorcyclists first of all

The passion of the two creatives for motorcycles is at the basis of Snow White, especially the mood that characterizes the two-wheeler revolves around the concept of freedom e design, the two states that a motorcycle lives: “When the motorcycle is parked it is a symbol, it expresses the personality traits of the owner. A certain type of vehicle can reveal the passion for adventure or the pursuit of extreme speed for a driver in love with adrenaline. But a motorcycle can also represent a person who wants a product tailored to suit their needs and / or passions, as in the case of cafe racers and choppers “, he says. Francesco Iannuzzi.

While the other: “An important moment is the driving experience. Reach the bike, get on it, start the engine and the experience you feel is intoxicating for the sensation of freedom and for the adrenaline unleashed by the innate danger that characterizes a two-wheeled vehicle. The riding experience is something necessary for every bike. While designing it can be improved in terms of performance but we have simply decided to keep it enjoyable. The aesthetic aspect, on the other hand, is a completely different story ”, he concludes Francesco Iannuzzi.

What lies beneath Snow White

Let’s start from Honda CX500the mechanics are basic, the exhausts are cut and without terminals, the intake is direct with filters mounted on the carburetors, last but not least all carefully covered by the black paint.

The engine is a 497cc, 50hp, liquid-cooled vintage twin, capable of reaching 176km / h. Another peculiarity is the retractable saddle. This is positioned under a mobile tail, which raises and retracts by means of a pantograph hinge. So the seat in fine Alcantara is retractable. Snow White: “It wants to be a sculpture when parked but give a smooth driving experience when needed. You open it. You get on it. Drive it ”, he concludes Gianluca Bartolini.

In short, in fairy tales there is almost always a white horse, in that of Dotto Creations Biancaneve is a constant certainty.

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