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Social Media Manager, what emerged during the national assembly

Over a thousand professionals, between videoconferencing and presence, gathered yesterday for the First National Assembly of theNational Association of Social Media Managers (ANSMM), trade association that brings together the professionals of the sector. The purpose of the meeting was in fact to establish the new guidelines for i freelancers (such as creating a Atec Code dedicated), but also the training of a specific National contract for employees.

The Assembly was held yesterday (November 15) in Florence, in the premises of the startup Nana Bianca, who provided logistic and technical support to the meeting. The event was also streamed on the Association’s social channels.

There is also a Scientific Committee made up of: Riccardo Maraga, Lorenza Carra, Alessandro Cardinale, Massimiliano Allevi, Valentina Tomirotti, Adamo Romano, Yari Brugnoni, Patrizia Renzetti, Luca Cappiello e Alberta Antonucci. Instead, the opening of the works was the vice-president of the Senate Sen. Maria Domenica Castellonewho stated:

“I strongly support the battle of the national SMM association for the recognition of the professional figure of social media manager and the attribution of a category ATECO code. Our country must give more and more value to work as a primary right of the individual and to the protection of all workers, especially in emerging and not yet recognized working environments. Social media managers are professional workers who make a valuable contribution to the productive sector and to the political and cultural life of the country and the construction of a future that lives up to the dreams of our young people also passes through the enhancement of innovative professions such as that of SMM.”

What the National Association of Social Media Managers asks for

The first battle, if it can be defined as such, carried out by the National Association of Social Media Managers concerns the request for activation of a Ateco Code for freelancers who operate in the field of Social Media Management. At the same time however, as far as employees are concerned, ANSMM proposes the creation of a National category contract.

The meeting was also an opportunity to discuss how the digital world is changing, especially for information operators. In fact, there was discussion of the recent acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk and the question of paid verified accounts which are causing quite a few problems for various SMMs. Analyzing the case history of the last few weeks, we then focused on the issue fake news in rete and how to counter them.

Finally, the Assembly placed the focus on professional ethics of the SMMa figure who on the web has its own responsibility for the information conveyed.

For more information, we refer you to the official website of the National Association of Social Media Managers.

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