Solar eclipse at IndyCar in Indianapolis: engines and nature

When it comes to making a long-awaited sporting event even more spectacular, Americans never hold back and always try to make these races as spectacular, legendary and breathtaking as possible. At IndyCar in Indianapolis there was a solar eclipse that made the race memorable

It seems like an exaggeration, but that's what Americans always try to do and, in most cases, they succeed. Just yesterday, theApril 8the IndyCar Series race was held, the exclusively American version of Formula 1. We are talking about American territory, and if it is true that Americans often like to put on a show, as in the case of Joey Gase who threw the bumper at his colleague, at the same time they also manage to create some memorable occasions. IndyCar is already an American sporting event that fans and supporters eagerly await, but while the event is already exciting in itself, they have managed to make it unforgettable. In fact, in Indianapolis, North America, during the IndyCar event asolar eclipse which made the environment spectacular.

Solar eclipse at IndyCar in Indianapolis: engines and natureSolar eclipse at IndyCar in Indianapolis: engines and nature

Solar eclipse at IndyCar: an exciting event

The solar eclipse occurred throughout North America, but in Indianapolis theeclipse was total. Precisely for the occasion, the track opened its doors to allow well 50,000 people to be able to witness the wonder of the eclipse that was held for about three minutes to 15 hours of the coast. Of course, in addition to the eclipse, spectators were also able to watch the race with Ed Carpenter who made some noteworthy laps. Furthermore, spectators also had the opportunity to meet the pilots and ask for autographs and some astronauts from the NASA. In short, a more American event than this is how you die, the spectacular nature and the American legends that meet in the same place.

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